Wade and Judd on a Mission - Outsiders
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We picked up with Wade's team going to war with the mountain, but they were all picked off pretty much off the bat. Wade woke up in hospital and it was revealed that he ran and fell on the mountain. There was no thunder. 

When he returned to work, he was a laughing stock and met up with someone named Matt, who was taking over his meeting office. Matt also cut the free clinic, prompting Wade to argue with him. 

Matt was clear that he was only trying to help Wade keep his job, but Wade told him he did not need his help.

On the mountain, G'Wyn went to get Asa, but was shocked to learn of his exit. She noticed three wolves snarling at her, but they changed their tune when she looked them in the eye. 

There was division among the mountain people as some did not want to G'Wyn is Brerin. She pushed to be made brerin and the ceremony was done throughout the night, while L'il Foster looked for his father's body. 

The trail ran dry and he met someone from down below, who offered to take him to the hospitals and morgue. However, other residents were shocked and attacked L'il Foster, giving Wade the opportunity to arrest him. 

L'il Foster revealed that Asa did not kill Breece... it was Foster. 

Asa was murdered by three wolves, while Foster was revealed to be alive. 

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Outsiders Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

You married my fa for this stick and then tried to poison him and when that didn't work you, had your lostie, Asa try to kill him.

Little Foster

Gw'ynn: Just find your fa. I'll handle Asa.
Little Foster: So you say.