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Foster decides it's time to down the mountain to get medicine to help G'Win. On the way down, one of them gets killed due to Foster's mistake. 

Everyone turns on Foster and they retreat back up the mountain to try and find another way to help. 

Foster decides he should die because it would save G'Win, but he finds himself in trouble when Li'l Foster offers to do the job. 

However, his son backs out and Foster is met by Elon, who whispers something to him. The next day, Foster starts to pray, and G'Win gets a surge in energy. 

Elsewhere, Sally Ann grows concerned when she learns that Hasil was up the mountain and tells him she's leaving to live in Cleveland. 

Later, they find their way back together and make up. Hasil changes his appearance because Wade is scared he is about to be found out for giving the Farrells the tip. 

He asks Ledda to lie for him, but she agrees as long as he does the same for her. He disagrees. 

Later, Ledda's health took a turn for the worse and she was in hospital and got ready to tell her daughters the truth about her cancer. 

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Outsiders Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Li'l Foster. Living proof that even their prisons can't hold us.


The mountain welcomes you home!