Minds Will Be Blown - Outsiders Season 2 Episode 7
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Sally Ann worried about what Hasil was doing but agreed that he was doing his best to save the family. 

Wade decided he needed to do something in order to save Li'l Foster. He decided that the best course of action was to meet with the Farrels. 

He finds Hasil, who takes him up the mountain. Foster wanted to kill him, but he told them how to save Li'l Foster. He gave them a map of how they could do so. 

Big Foster and the others chase the bus in a daring rescue attempt. They succeed and take Li'l Foster back up the mountain. 

He is shocked to find his father back up the mountain. 

Ledda made a plan to find a way to cause some more upset in town, but she makes things worse and the family worry they are no longer safe in Blackburg. 

Her condition worsened and she found herself questioning whether it was worth living for. 


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Outsiders Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

We should kill him. How do we know he is not tricking us?


G'Win: I wish this was all a dream.
Foster: What?
G'Win: The Kinnah.