Two Worlds - Outsiders
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Margan presented G'Win with a choice: Murder Foster, or she would murder one of her people every single hour until she decided to do what was right. 

G'Win battled with her emotions in this tough time. 

After a meeting with Lady Ray, G'Win made her mind up to do the deed. When she attempted to kill Foster, she stabbed herself. Margan then got ready to do the deed but Foster kicked Margan on to G'Win's knife. 

G'Win seemingly died in Foster's arms. 

At the prison, Foster was put in a tough situation when he was told to do what the gang members wanted, but he declined. 

He then wound up in a fight and went to the hospital. 

However, he was shocked when he was attacked once again and was forced to kill one of them. 

Meanwhile, Wade found the gun at the house and ran the prints. It confirmed that it was the gun to kill Breece. 

Just as Wade was getting Foster out of prison, he found out that there had been a murder. 

Sally Ann was shocked at what Hasil was doing to bring in the money, but she reluctantly agreed for him to do it as long as he was okay. 

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Outsiders Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

I got a pretty good sense of smell and I don't think it was them. Maybe it was your upper lip.

Li'l Foster

A real man fights his own battles.

Li'l Foster