An Unexpected Turn - Outsiders
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A helicopter appeared at the mountain, prompting everyone to get their guns. G'Win decided she was against it and said they should get their guns away. 

In the morning, the crops were destroyed by a poison that was dropped on the mountain by a government plane. This also paved the way for a child to get poisoned and die. 

G'Win and the others wanted justice, so she sent Foster to get Haylie to find out what happened and kidnap her. 

Foster met up with Sally Ann and asked her to take him to Hasil. She reluctantly agreed to help. 

Hasil was shocked to see Foster, but joined the cause. The pair found Haylie and kidnapped her after she had a day from hell when Matt quizzed her about lying about Breece's start date. 

Ledda was shocked when a meeting with Elon meant her cancer went into remission and she started crying. 

Wade went on a date with a woman from school and the pair hit it off pretty much off the bat.  They embraced and talked about the past, but it seemed like she had an ulterior motive. 

G'win argued with Li'l Foster when his partying ways put everyone at risk. 


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Outsiders Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

The coal company poisoned our fields. What kind of people would do something like this?


G'Win: I think we get one of them up here... show them the harm they've caused.
Farrell: Ain't gonna come willingly.
G'win: I know.