No One Is Safe - Outsiders
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Wade pursued Matt and found him meeting Gordon at with One Planet men. He cornered Matt, who realized what Wade was doing. 

Wade wound up helping the Farrels with their mission to dynamite the coal. Hasil was shot on the crossfire, but Wade took him to Ledda and got her friend to help. 

Elon appeared to finish the mission. 

However, the friend revealed that Hasil would die if he did not attend the hospital. 

Up the mountain, Li'l Foster told G'win he loved her and they should run away together. He did not want her to have all the power because he felt like it was part of the reason for all of the fighting. 

When Foster's mission failed, G'Win tried to banish him, but there was an uprising of huge proportions when G'Win passed the brenin rights to L'il Foster, who snapped the stick. 

The red-haired girl looked on in horror as everyone went to war with one another. Was this the end of the Farrells?

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Outsiders Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

You think that Gordon had something to do with Haylie and she was murdered?


L'il Foster: I loathe you, I've adored you, I've forgotten about you. Still, I love you. I don't know G'Win. Run away with me. We'll find some other mountain. Raise our baby in peace. I have nothing but care for you now. For you or him or her.
G'Win: It's a her. You know we can't leave this hill.
L'il Foster: Then I'm begging you, give it up.
G'Win: What?
L'il Foster: That oak.