Loyalties Are Tested - Outsiders
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Margan revealed to G'Win that she was the one who orchestrated the fire because the game was tainted and tried to get her to agree. 

G'Win disagreed and said that there was no need to have someone murdered for that. Margan and her people tailed G'Win as she went to reveal the truth to Foster. 

In the morning, Foster and G'Win agreed that they need to get Margan and the Kinnah back Shadowside. However, Margan made a noise, and her people appeared with guns. 

Margan shot someone and prepared to go to war with the mountain. 

Hasil and Sally Ann struggled to make ends meet at Butch's house, so Hasil got a job. However, the job tricked him, and he was charged a lot of money for drinking water and for taking breaks. 

He then went to a cage fighting club and was shocked by how much money they man got for playing. He decided to sign up and get some time extra money. 

Foster was offered to join a brotherhood in prison, but he declined because he did not believe in them. The leader then tried to make Foster kill someone, but he declined. 

Samuel reappeared and was taken into protective custody. 

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Outsiders Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

I wanted to play last night, but y'all was crashed out on my couch.


Sally Ann: Can I help?
Frieda: Well, you might as well heat up some eggs now that you are eating for two.