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Colette is caught up in a whirlwind courtship, while we get closer to 1964 on the Pan Am season finale.

Idlewild Airport was renamed to JFK.

Maggie is working with Broyles and his smuggling ring.

Dean is grounded and his pilots license is suspended the outcome of a hearing regarding the Haiti business.

Ted is finally having doubts about his wedding.

Richard shows up at Kate's shot.

Laura and Ted share a close moment while looking over her photos.

Omar's people do a background check on Colette and she discovers she is Jewish and her parents died in Dachau.

Ted calls off the wedding and tells Laura he is in love with someone else.

Amanda tells Ted she is pregnant.

Dean is cleared of charges, but grounded for six months.

Our main cast spends New Year's Eve, 1964, watching the ball drop in New York City.



Pan Am
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Pan Am Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Laura: And this one is my favorite.
Ted: I look like a goof ball!
Laura: I like the man in that picture.

Colette: I feel like I'm floating on air.
Maggie: We all are. We're at 30,000 feet.