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Drew struggles to choose a major while Crosby gets help from Jasmine with the Luncheonette and Hank and Sarah plan a date night. 

There is a three month time jump!

Amber is visibly pregnant and Drew is helping her buy baby equipment.

Dylan is in Max's room. Kristina and Adam keep walking by, but it doesn't escape the kids.

Ruby comes crying into the studio. She hates mom and wants to stay with Hank. It's so much better there with Hank and Sarah. She really wants to stay with Hank. Oh, and she wants to go to a party the next night too!

Crosby and Adam are trying to elicit business when Amber comes in. She feels like she contributed. Essentially, she wants a raise. They just need to take it into consideration before they commit.

Hank wants Sarah to tell her what to do. He's out of his league at this age. He doesn't know how to do it. He wants her in the middle. Sarah laughs at him and suggests game night. 

Jabbar wants to go to Harry Potter World, but they can't really afford it. Jasmine promises to look into it and Jabbar takes it as a yes.

Drew wants to determine what he wants to be when he grows up. He's thinking about econ as a major. It seems like he's worrying about Amber's baby.

Drew wants Dylan to sleep over. There's no reason for intercourse since she only liked him a two and a half. Kristina interjects but all of a sudden, it's approved and Dylan is staying.

Amber walks in on Adam and Crosby arguing over her. Adam didn't fire her three months ago because she's pregnant. Whoops.

Sarah tries to have game night. Amber comes over to save the day. Sort of.

While Kristina is watching To Kill a Mockingbird, Dylan comes down in Haddie's PJs. She likes hanging out with Kristina. Dylan talks about her parents and their desire to spend time with her. She wants to see the end of the movie and lays her head on Kristina's chest.

A game of "celebrity" doesn't go over well with Hank and Ruby.

Max asks Adam is he thinks Dylan likes him a three yet. After all, she said he has nice eyes.

Kristina thinks maybe Dylan is there because of Nora and Kristina. Adam is sure she likes him. Kristina is still looking out for Max.

Ruby comes home from a "study" party and proceeds to get sick. Amber takes care of her, but she has the dry heaves.

Jasmine and Crosby talk about their lives and then tell Jabbar he's not going to Hogwarts.

Amber counsels Ruby. Nothing good ever comes from a night like that. She shares her own experiences about her dad and how lucky she is to have him.

Drew goes to Adam about his life. He's surprised that Adam tells him to follow his dream. Crosby walks in and contradicts him -- make as much money as he can. Money does bring happiness.

Kristina talks to Dylan about whether or not she likes Max or them as a family. She gives an answer that Kristina cannot quite grasp.

Adam and Crosby talk with Amber and assure her she's OK. They'll take care of everything. That prompts Adam to go home and let loose on Kristina. She assures him that he takes care of everyone and she will take care of him. YOW!

Sarah is watching The Breakfast Club and Hank says he has never seen it and he doesn't want to watch it. Ruby apologizes to them about game night and thanks Sarah for doing something special for her by sharing her family tradition of game night.

Drew admits he's going to major in economics because he has to take care of Amber and her baby. Then he says he has to pay back his student loans. 

Adam talks to Amber. 

Dylan is up for another sleepover at the Bravermans.

Jasmine has a Hogwarts birthday surprise party for Jabbar.


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Parenthood Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Yes. Everything's growing except my salary.


You're funny and you have nice eyes. You know, when you actually looks directly at someone.