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Crosby and Adam are hanging a sign outside the Chambers Academy and talking about The Luncheonette.

Julia and Joel talk to Sydney and Victor about getting back together, permanently and Victor wonders what happens when the next problem happens.

Sarah, Hank and Amber are talking about wedding locations and Amber goes into labor.

Camille is leading Zeek on a walk. Up a hill. It doesn't seem like a wise decision. It's their spot, Camille says. You can see the Golden Gate Bridge from where he's resting on a large rock. Zeek decides not to go through another operation.

The three stooges go to the hospital. It's surprising they made it alive. 

Joel sees Julia's new, sexy underwear. He's already perturbed at the changes she made while he was away. For a year. Really? 

Adam, Crosby and Hank buy baby cigars in the gift shop, leaving Kristina and Jasmine to chit chat awkwardly about The Luncheonette. Kristina says Jasmine guilted Adam into staying in business with Crosby. That's what Zeek and Camille walk in on and Crosby learns about it. 

So... their lives were all ruined by a false alarm. It was gas. 

Jasmine tells Crosby why she went to Adam, and he said the only reason it was special was because of Adam, and now he has nothing.

Joel is making chocolate chip pancakes for the family. Chris called and of course, Joel goes back on his word to not let it bother him. Up pops the conversation about sleeping with people, which apparently they didn't bother to have before they made this massive decision to get back together. Julia says, they don't have time for this conversation right now. But Joel didn't sleep with people. 

Hank talks to Sarah again about locations for the wedding. She's not jumping forward because of her dad. His dead left when he was a little kid. He knows Zeek must be a really good guy because Sarah's beautiful on the outside and the inside, and her dad gave that to her. A lot of love growing up. 

Camille is painting a portrait of Zeek. He thinks they should tell the kids what they talked about, about not having the surgery. He's not ready to have the conversation, bu the needs to have it. The painting is a decidedly younger man than is sitting before her. Zeek just wants the original six sitting at the table for the discussion, no distractions. He tears up as he thinks of it. 

Max photographs Adam helping the kid cooking, saying all of the nice things like kids with autism have an 85% unemployment rate. Always the positive Polly.

Amber is worried she won't be able to care for the baby. Sarah assures her when she holds it, she can almost guarantee she won't think she has made a mistake.

The dinner occurs and as the kids all right Zeek can't take it anymore. He keeps saying stop it, but nobody hears him. He leaves the table. Sarah goes to see him and he says there's just so much yelling. Sarah tells him Hank proposed. As they talk about him walking her down the aisle, they both know it's not going to happen. 

Julia gets home and tells Joel about Zeek. She then says they need to talk about their stuff. Joel says he doesn't want to argue. She says they can't let it fester. They have to get it out. He's too scared to argue. She's too scared not to argue. The go into the car and verbally duke it out.

Kristina and Adam talk to Max about his future, because they believe what they see is more accurate than his statistics. 

Sarah wants to get married here, but she doesn't want to Hank to be disappointed. She wants to make sure her dad can be there. Hank says they'll get pictures of everybody.

Jasmine is teaching dance at Chambers Academy. Did we know that?

Crosby and Adam are packing up The Luncheonette, Amber gives birth and Joel and Julia appear to have made up. Zeek and Camille arrive at the hospital. Amber introduces her grandfather to his great-grandson Zeek.

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Parenthood Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

I've been thinking about what the doctor said about the operation. I don't want to go through it again. I just want to live my life, Millie. Enjoy every moment I got left.


Zeek: Are you with me?
Camille: Of course I'm with you. I'm always with you.