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It flashes back to five years ago when Keri and Bobby first meet at city hall in the elevator. She was assistantcuty attorney and he was alderman.

In the present after kicking out the photographer she slept with, Keri is served papers at her door. The former city attorney, Sharma, her mentor, is suing her for wrongful termination.

Keri asks Jessica to fix it, but she doesn't tell Jessica that she and Bobby were behind the man posing his job. While working a case where a disabled kid was suing the city for his injury by a train, Keri finds out Sharma was burying evidence.

Keri told Bobby and they came up with a plan to take Sharma down and succeed. In flashbacks we also see Bobby meet with McGann and discuss how he wants to be a different mayor who doesn't take money from.big backers but NcGann tells him he's naive ssnd won't win without them and him.

Jessica tries to shut sharma down but realizes it's personal. She tries to practice deposition with Keri but sets her off talking about the affair. Keri tells Jessica that the truth if their affair would blow up Bobby's life but ruin her career forever.

Bobby is scared and angry about his wife and not having answers about her condition.

in flashbacks we find out that Tomny Deal a union boss was killed by people connected to Bobby's father and that's what Pat has over the Novak family. Pat helped Bobby make mayor as a deal with Bobby's father. That's why Bobby can't go against him or the truth will come out.

After talking to Sharma who is upset about losing his career, lost without it, and wanting a fresh start, Jessica figures out how to resolve the issue. She calls Harvey and asks for a favor. He agrees to do anything for her. He sets Sharma up for some decent jobs working for corporations in NYC.

Jessica informs Keri and apologizes to her for thinking she slept her way to the top. She recognizes Bobby never would have became mayor without her.

Jessica puts Yoli in charge of schmoozing Everette who wants to build the company's headquarters somewhere. He's considering Chicago. Yoli spends more time accusing the CEO of gentrification.

Derrick who was assigned to work with her has to schmooze and later smooth things over with the ceo but he agreed to tax cuts and a corporate accountability department to smooth over inevitable problems. The CEO agrees but Derrick gets in trouble with Bobby later. He questiona why Yoli wanted to work I'm government if she can't respect how it works.

She accuses him of selling out. But later she apologized and asks for another chance after Jessica reams her out for nearly ruining the deal.

Jessica confronts Nick about him being distant. She apologizes for investigating him during the Carl Jefferies case. He was hurt that she could think so poorly of him and reminds her that she's not an open book and she doesn't let anyone in or get to know her beyond the surface level. He challenges her on saying she could understand Bobby's situation with his wife.

Later on she confides in him about her ex-husband who died of ALS and how it made her feel. She wonders if she was a good enough person to have taken care of him if he got sick when they were still married. Nick comfort her and reassures her that she is a good person. She wonders aloud why she was telling him as LOL of that and being so vulnerable with him, and he tells her it's because he's there with/for her. Their moment is interrupted by Jeff's arrival. Jessica is thrilled to see him home for a visit. They kiss but Jeff glares back at Nick when he's getting into the car.

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Pearson Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

That man has it out for you. Your instincts were to come to me for help. Trust your instincts.


Yoli: You know what this is, right?
Derrick: Millennials on parade.
Yoli: I just find it so ironic that they're sending us out to whitewash the city.