Vengeance - Penny Dreadful: City of Angels
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Santa Muerte arrives at The Crimson Cat.

Tiago tells Molly about the Day of the Dead celebrations as they dance.

Lewis comes into the club to tell him about Diego. Lewis takes Molly to Tiago's apartment to stay safe and Tiago rounds up his family. Raul takes Maria and Josefina home but a boy informs Rico who makes an announcement before Tiago can get Mateo out of the club.

Rico tries to keep people calm but Rio encourages them to riot. Rico takes the mic back and lays out a dignified response to the lynching and leads the Chicanos out of the club to reclaim and bury Diego's body. Mateo chooses to follow him instead of Rio. They fill the streets, walking through the stopped traffic.

Peter, Elsa, and the boys are in their car, returning from the cinema. When the Chicano crowd walks by them, Elsa makes eye contact with Rio. Frank suddenly screams and Peter's foot comes off the brake, causing the car to pin a Chicano man to the car in front of them. Rio takes the opportunity to incite the crowd.

Sailors come out of a bar and start beating up Chicanos. Someone takes a bat to the Craft's car and Tom catches a piece of glass in his forehead. Peter removes it and Tom screams, bleeding badly from the wound.

Rio leads Fly Rico into an alley and stabs him. Mateo arrives and Rio offers him the leadership of the Pachucos.

Tiago calls Mateo's name just as sailors grab Tiago and start beating on him. Mateo saves him by stabbing the sailors who run off. Mateo takes Rio by the hand and leaves Tiago.

The next morning, Tiago and Molly are in his apartment and the streets are patrolled by the military. Molly tries to take care of him but he's hurt and disillusioned and tries to be angry with her too.

Tiago claims they can never be together in Los Angeles. Molly begs him to run away with her. She's done with being Sister Molly. He agrees to run away but then the phone rings.

Lewis tells Tiago to meet him in ten minutes.

Townsend is celebrating the race riot putting his motorway over the top. He has plans.

Peter comforts Tom at home but Tom is traumatized, fearing the Chicanos for hurting him. Peter gently reminds him to choose love not hate. When speaking with Elsa later, she encourages him to stand with whites against the other races and declares her Nazi-ism.

Lewis drives Tiago into Belvedere Heights where the military has established checkpoints and patrols. Turns out Lewis had Berman's men stash Brian at the Vega house. The plan is to move Brian to New York City to keep him out of the Nazi's hands.

Goss and Kurt figure out where Brian might be.

As Molly prepares for her service, Adelaide tries to convince her not to speak about the riots. Molly tells her she plans to go away and shows her the scars on her wrists and warns her that if she doesn't escape for a while, it'll happen again.

Adelaide tries to guilt Molly back into her role and confesses to killing Hazlett and his family to protect Molly's reputation. She intimates that she'll kill Tiago too if Molly runs away with him.

Kurt follows the car carrying Brian to the airstrip. On the way, Brian discloses that he's working on how to create a nuclear fission bomb.

At the Temple, Molly's run away.

At the Vega house, Josefina watches a patrol car drive by. She goes in and her mother gives her tea and sings her a lullaby.

Lewis pulls the car to the side and convinces Brian to take a walk with him. On the beach, Lewis shoots him.

Molly sits in the baptismal pool and greets Santa Muerte as "sister" and they embrace.

Peter sits at his desk and puts on an Iron Cross medal and gives the Nazi salute. He breaks down in tears.

Adelaide finds Molly's body in the pool.

At a gas station, Lewis overhears the news that Molly has died and breaks the news to Tiago.

Mateo joins his family on the Day of the Dead. Maria sees Tiago too and goes to him. When the family leaves, Tiago stays behind and Magda joins him, warning of the day that is coming.

Construction on the motorway begins in Belvedere Heights.

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Penny Dreadful: City of Angels Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

We go crazy now and we are exactly what they say we are, a bunch of animals. That's not me. That is not you. Maybe the time comes when we to war against the whole fucking world. But tonight, we got something more important to do. So you come with me. We walk. We walk with dignity. We take down our brother, Diego, and we bury him. We show this city exactly who we are. Familia.

Fly Rico

Tiago: Dia de los Muertos. Day of the Dead. That's what we call it. We all go to the cemetery and toast the relatives. My father, my brother Tomas, my sister Gina, who both died before Mateo was born. We light candles, and drink, and tell stories.
Molly: In an actual cemetery?
Tiago: But it's not sad. It's more like a celebration. We reach out to the dead and tell them we love them. And maybe they reach out to us.