Moving In - Penny Dreadful: City of Angels
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Maria rides a bus to work and spots Magda in a cemetery as the bus drives by it.

Tiago heads home from the bar and finds Molly waiting for him at his apartment building. He talks to her for a bit about his inner conflict and she accepts him. They head up to his apartment.

Goss pitches Brian an offer of his own lab and equipment and the ear of Hitler. Lewis is watching from a distance.

At the Craft house, Peter is explaining Linda's absence to his sons. Elsa and Frank arrive and Tom is upset.

Elsa asks Maria to move Frank in with Tom, and Trevor into his own room, displacing Maria to a room near the garage.

In Tom's room, Frank is looking at his toys and Tom introduces him to his hamster, Friar Tuck.

In the automat, Dottie sits down with Brian and asks if he's been in contact with the Germans. He lies and Lewis arrives to refute it. Brian tries to advocate that the Nazis aren't all bad. Dottie shares the story of her family's theatre which was burned to the ground by Nazis.

Alex runs into Councilwoman Beck in the washroom and discloses her plans to make Townsend the President. Beck threatens to discover where Alex came from which angers Magda. Alex heads to Townsend and stokes his ire for Beck. He decides to put out a hit on his opponent.

Mateo catches Josefina on her way home from school. He starts to confess what he did to Reilly but Josefina changes the subject to religious love and he recoils.

Peter tries to explain himself to Maria. She promises to take care of the boys and to keep an eye on Elsa.

Lewis brings Tiago into his investigation into Goss. Tiago tries to talk him out of it but Lewis leverages his favor with Diego to bring Tiago onside. Dottie arrives and they are introduced.

At home, Maria makes a meal for Raul and Josefina, laying the table with very special, heirloom cutlery. Josefina chooses to go to the Temple instead and they have an argument. Maria berates Raul for not stopping Josefina from leaving.

Maria reminisces about when her family was together and goes to pray to Santa Muerte.

At the Craft house, Elsa seeds doubt about Maria's place in the household. Frank claims to be scared and asks to sleep in bed with Tom. Friar Tuck's wheel squeaks and Frank stares at it until it freezes in place. Tom is terrified.

Dottie watches Kurt and Goss at a restaurant discussing Townsend. Outside, Lewis fills Tiago in on his cousin who was tortured by the Germans when Germany took the Rhineland for being gay and Jewish. He indicates he plans on killing Goss and Kurt. Tiago agrees to the plan. However, Townsend and Alex arrive then, followed by Miss Adelaide. Lewis puts the hit on hold.

At Maria's shrine, Santa Muerte appears but she is followed by Magda who offers Maria peace but Maria swears to fight her and then banishes her from the home.

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Penny Dreadful: City of Angels Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

You ever been in a place where there's no right answer? Everything you do is gonna be wrong so you do something and you knows it's wrong and you live with it. It's not a compromise. It's not a mistake. It's a sin.


I have no pride before my congregation. They would smell it a mile off. I meet them as they are. No better, no worse.