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Dre wants Ghost to kill Saxe, but Ghost tells him as long as he has the ankle monitor on he wants nothing to do with him. 

Saxe goes to Tariq's school and Keisha's new home to pressure them into flipping on Tommy. 

One of Tariq's teachers asks him if he's selling product. After determining that the teacher wants to sell product because he's suffering from money issues, Tariq and Tasha devise a plan to set him up with product anonymously. 

Saxe goes to Blanca, and he gives her the serial number to Dre's ankle monitor so she can talk to him. In exchange for freedom from Sxe, Dre tells her that he gave Raymond Jones's address to Tariq the night he was killed. 

On the night of the governor's debate, Ghost and Derek devise a plan to bait Tate into speaking negatively and gets it broadcast to the auditorium. With Tate's campaign floundering, he later gets the city to revoke all the permits for the Queen's Child Project. 

Blanca pulls Keisha and Cash over and threatens to arrest her and put Cash into foster care if she doesn't sign a cooperation agreement against Tommy. She signs it and tells Cash not to tell anyone she was pulled over, but he tells Tommy. 

When Tommy confronts her, she tells him that she knows he killed Holly and she doesn't want him not to trust her. She tries to recant her signature later, but Blanca tells her it's too late. 

Ghost and Tommy prepare to kill Saxe, but after he tells them information that the FEDS have, Ghost decides to keep him alive. Saxe tries to tell Warner what happened but he doesn't believe him and fires him. 

After meeting with Ghost at Truth, Blanca steals a glass from there and gets it tested. She finds out that a blood sample from Raymond's murder scene is a 50% match with Ghost's blood, meaning the blood is Tariq's. Blanca then goes to Tasha and tells her that she's looking into Tariq's alibi the night of Raymond's death. 

Tasha goes to Keisha's house, and Keisha tells her that she's leaving town permanently. Tasha tells her that she can't leave until Tommy gets back and the two get into an altercation. Keisha gets shot in the stomach during the fray, and then Tasha kills her by shooting her in the head. 

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Power Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

I know being a card carrying member of the white boys legal club has perks, but you made a deal with the devil.

Tameka [to Saxe]

Ghost: As long as you're chipped up like a motherfucking dog, you stay the fuck away from me. And lose my number. I'm not playing with you, boy. We're done.
Dre: This motherfucker.