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Eugene visits Tracy. It's a flashback before Arseface became Arseface and Tracy became comatose. Eugene reads Tracy's suicide note. She wants to kill herself because her boyfriend cheated on her and she doesn't want to face everyone and be humiliated. Eugene convinces her not to kill herself and burns the suicide note. Eugene kisses Tracy and she's offended by that and she gets the gun and blows off part of her head but she's still alive. Tracy's mom comes home and threatens to call his father but Eugene can't escape. He shoots himself. Eugene keeps playing this over and over because this is his Hell and where he is in a cell in hell.

Jesse and gang are headed for New Orleans. They are listening to Jazz songs. Tulip thinks going to New Orleans is a bad idea.Tulip wants to go to Mexico, but Jesse insists.

The team arrives in New Orleans and walk down Bourbon Street and hit a bar to see if God is there. The bartender takes them through a back alley and through all sorts of places to a secret door and come face-to-face with an old man who has a secret sex club act of a woman with a guy dressed up as a dog. It costs lots to watch and even more to get involved. Jesse and gang are kicked out when they say they're looking for God God although Cassidy was willing to pay something to watch.

Jesse and Tulip are back on Bourbon Street. She thinks he's mad about them not getting married. Tulip leaves for the motel. Cassidy follows while Jesse hits all the clubs to find God. One couple laughs at him and he uses Genesis to knock a drink into a guy's face.

Tulip runs into an old friend. This is why she didn't want to come to New Orleans, she knows too many people. She's on the run. They end up at Dennis' place and he doesn't look too thrilled to see Cassidy. Dennis speaks French and lets them in. Cassidy wants to know what's going on with Tulip and what she's hiding.

Meanwhile, Jesse is touring clubs looking for God. He fell asleep at a bar and is woken up by the bartender. Bartender recommends Jesse visit a singer at another place. Jesse talks to the singer and she wants to meet him outside. She throws a drink in his face and takes off in a taxi.The taxi is accosted by a bunch of guys in white. Jesse fights them all off and gets the girl. The singer is packing up, ready to leave and talks to Jesse about God and what she knows. He tells her about Genesis. She wants to kiss him and he makes her stop.

Tulip is with Dennis and Cassidy who are both knocked out. The blonde singer leaves and kisses Jesse anyway. Jesse gets a call from Tulip wondering where he is. She wants to tell him what's going on but she doesn't. then she leaves. Cassidy follows. 

Meanwhile Eugene is in his cell in Hell still. The door is unlocked and he opens it. He calls out and sees that Hilter is in Hell with him.

The blond lady is actually an undercover operative. Files are brought into Herr Starr's office.

Jesse is at a club next to a long-bearded guy who is totally into jazz.

Tulip walks to a laundromat to get change. She buys a pack of cigarettes from the machine. Guys come in and order everyone out. Tulip faces the thugs, one of whom calls Victor to tell him they got her.

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