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Viktor's men take Tulip away. Jesse is at Dennis' place while Tulip's caravan passes by a block away. Jesse wants to know where Tulip is and Cassidy has no idea. Jesse isn't too concerned and goes to take a nap.

Meanwhile, Tulip arrives at Viktor's place. She's placed into an office and can hear a man being tortured in the other room. Viktor comes into the room and they don't speak for a while. 

Eugene is walking the hallways of Hell when he comes across Adolf Hitler. Other inmates emerge from their cells. Eugene gets teased about his face and Adolf stops the fun.  An alarm goes off and everyone goes back to their cells. Eugene can't get to his and Hitler invites him into his. Eugene confronts Hitler about the bad he's done. A light goes crazy and Eugene ends up in Hitler's hell. Hitler is enjoying lunch with a lady friend when a Jewish man bumps into him and apologizes. Hitler and the lady talk about politics and the Communists. Then they're back in Hitler's cell. Eugene goes back to his cell.

Back in Viktor's office, a guy is torturing another guy. Tulip apologizes to Viktor and starts crying. Viktor doesn't want her to cry when the torture guy comes in to tell Viktor the tortured guy is conscious again and Viktor leaves.

Jesse wakes up from his nap and asks Cassidy where Tulip is. He has no idea, but he's nervous. Outside of Dennis' place a guy is dropped off by a white van. 

Back in Hell, a maintenance man is working on Eugene's memory lamp. The guard wants Eugene to come with her while the guy fixes the lamp.

Jesse and Cassidy visit an agent who represents and actor from the Katrina commercial who plays God.

Tulip walks into a room of guys playing poker. She tries to be friendly and they ignore her. She walks away. She's still trying to be personable in the kitchen, but no one is interested in talking to her.

Jesse and Cassidy are in the agent's office asking about the guy they want to talk to. They make a deal but the agent doesn't know where he is. Jesse wants a copy of the guy's acting tape.

The guard lady is looking for someone who's missing from Hell. Eugene is going to put in holding with the others, but the guard lady makes it sound very scary. If he doesn't cooperate or makes like of it, she's going to put him in the hole. She also doesn't want him to act sweet.  She wants him to act like he belongs in Hell.

Tulip is talking to a little girl who then spits in her face and tells her she hopes Viktor, her father, kills Tulip.

Jesse is watching Mark's, aka, the guy they think is God, audition tape.  At the end of the audition, Mark is shot with a gun. Jesse thinks there are other people in NOLA looking for God, too which he thinks is strange. Cassidy is concerned with Tulip.

Tulip beats up one of Viktor's men and grabs his gun. She goes upstairs looking for Viktor and puts a gun to his head, telling him to let her go. A few of Viktor's men come after Tulip and take her down though she does a good job fighting them off. Her phone falls out. There are texts coming from Cassidy.

Eugene is taken to the holding cell. It's the same people from before. Eugene goes to sit with Hitler and they talk. The same guy from before starts harassing Eugene. Hitler confronts the guy.  The guy pushes Hitler and punches him in the face. Hitler doesn't fight back. The other inmates start beating on him until Eugene stops it then joins in remembering what the guard told him.

Cassidy is still concerned about Tulip while Jesse is still obsessed with the audition tape. Cassidy tells him he thinks Tulip is in trouble. Jesse wants to know where she is even though Cassidy tries to resist. Jesse uses Genesis to get into Viktor's place to find her. Before Jesse has a chance, he gets knocked out by the torture guy. He wakes up a bit later and torture guy is going to beat him until he tells him why he's there. Jesse fights him. It's pretty gruesome with the dead guy hanging there. Torture guy seems to have the advantage, but Jesse isn't giving up. Finally, Jesse gets the upper hand and stabs the guy. Jesse makes the guy tell him where Tulip is.  He finds her and Tulip tells him Viktor is her husband.

SOK is walking ont he expressway towards NOLA on his way to find and kill Jesse. 


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Preacher Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Has anyone ever told you your face is disgusting?

Inmate [to Eugene]

This is Hell. Act accordingly.

Hell Guard