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Michael and his team made their way through the city, but were shocked to see ISIL coming after them from everywhere. 

Eventually, Michael opened up to Lincoln about Poseidon and the fact that he was working with them to keep his family safe. Michael revealed Kellerman did not have the clearance for the deal to exonerate everyone. 

Lincoln claimed Michael should have still contacted the family to let them know, but Michael was adamant they would all die. 

Later, Ja saved the group from a certain death, but death was not far behind when Sid knew it was time for him to die. In the process, he managed to give the men a last-minute reprieve to continue their escape. 

When the men made it to the airport, the plane had to leave because ISIL was closing off the runway. When the plane escaped, ISIL went after the remaining men. 

T-Bag told Sara the truth about Jacob, so she made a mad dash to get Mike. She confronted Jacob, who said he was doing it to get back at the villains. 

Sara ran off to her friend, Heather's. Heather took her to the man who checked the cell phone and the story checked out. 

Later, Sara was called to the police station to identify the goons who shot Jacob. Sarah implied she believed Jacob, but it was clear she did not. 


Prison Break
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Prison Break Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

You've been sleeping with the enemy, baby.


Lincoln: What happened to you, Michael?
Michael: Everything I did, I did for family.