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Michael recaps what happened on the previous four seasons of the show and claims that the dead can talk. Lincoln returns home to find T-Bag -- who had just been released from Fox River -- with damning images that claim Michael is alive. 

Lincoln threatens him with violence if it's all a ruse, and then turns to Sara, who is very shocked. Lincoln digs the grave to check if the body is there and it is not. 

That was confirmation enough, but when Linc starts rallying the troops, his car is hacked and ran off the road. He escapes and warns Sara, but it's too late. 

The villains make their way to her house and her husband was hurt. At the hospital, Linc says it's time to go to Yemen to check if Michael is alive.  Sara turns to Kellerman to find out the truth. 

He confirmed Michael was alive and Sara went crazy. 

Linc and C-Note make their way to Yemen to find out the truth, but they are ambushed. 

They were saved by a woman. When they get to the prison, Michael claims he has no idea who they are and they should leave. 

Prison Break
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Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Mike: What was my father like... my real father?
Sara: He was like a storm appearing out of a clear blue sky and then disappear just as quickly.
Mike: But storms... they can come back, can't they?

If you're playing me, I'll kill you.