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Rusty calls Patton, He questions why they never had a conversation. Patton accuses Rusty only remembering what he wants to. Rusty questions if Patton is really his father. Patton tells him that if he ever was, he isn't anymore.

Sgt. Mike is at the Muldoon apartment when Terry arrives home. Terry asks if Christine is still pissed at him, and tells her about the night he has planned for her birthday. He manipulates Mike into babysitting.

Agnes talks to Charlie about the wedding, she wants to keep it small -- just the parents. Charlie thinks it's because of the cost, and insists that a small wedding isn't necessary. Their talk is interrupted by a call from Fortune. He pretends it's another cop, and sets up a meeting with her.

The bosses all gather at the warehouse for the meeting Patton called.

Rusty sits at a bar, stewing, and makes threatening, creepy conversation with the other guy sitting there.

Patton announces his retirement to the other bosses, and allocates his business out to the others. He mandates that Rusty and Tom be completely cut out of any business, and removes them from his protection. 

O'Bannon gets a call from Deirdre while he's at the office. The conversation goes south quickly, with him still upset about the other guy she was with. He hangs up on her before she can tell him anything beyond the fact that they need to talk.

Fortune fills Charlie in on the guy who stiffed her, and he promises to look into it for her.She flirts with him, and Charlie asks questions about her date. Things become uncomfortable quickly. Fortune walks away and talks to another call girl who asks why she never called the madam. Charlie watches from across the bar.

Rusty comes back to the pool hall and Tommy again tries to talk him into leaving town. Rusty is suspicious of Tommy, but tells him that he'll go somewhere. 

Christine and Muldoon leave the theatre and head to dinner. Muldoon cops to being insufferable of late, and Christine questions how they afford things like the theatre and dinner out, but not the house. Terry breaks the news that he spent the morning in Queens, looking at the house. He thinks that they should go for it, getting him out of the doghouse with Christine.

Duffy comes over to Barbara and Deirdre's apartment. He flirts with Babs, but turns serious when he sees how upset Deirdre is. She breaks the news that she's pregnant, and he guesses that it's Sean's. He doesn't react at first, but then tells her that the last time he saw Sean, he was talking about wanting to marry her. She breaks down.

Patton shares a drink with one f his contemporaries, discussing what will happen to Rusty and Tommy.

Monk goes into the pool hall and starts executing everyone in sight, including Tommy. 

Fortun meets her regular at the hotel bar, and they head upstairs. Charlie follows them into the elevator and passes them in the hallway, then doubles back and listens outside the door. 

Christine and Terry get back to the apartment, and Terry tells Mike about the decision on the house. Terry tells Mike about the meeting with Patton. 

Patton talks to Monk about his sons and his legacy. Patton asks Monk to take him to the airport and then take care of Rusty. As Monk starts the car, it blows up. 

Various characters react to the news of Tommy and Patton's deaths. Mike calls Terry about what to do about Rusty. Christine stops Terry on his way out, worried about him.

Charlie calls Fortune wanting to meet up so that she can identify the John to him. 

Petey Mac hails Charlie outside of the office, telling him that Latucci has information that somebody is about to be axed. 

Kaye panics about somebody coming after Rusty. He tells her he needs to leave town for a while, after he takes care of some things, and gives her instructions on where to meet him. 

Fortune and Charlie wait at the bar for Nick to show. 

Charlie calls Muldoon and asks about the rumor that somebody is on the chopping block. Muldoon tells him that the only thing he's heard from Johanson is that he was less than thrilled about Bullman's involvement with a callgirl. Bullman heads to the bathroom after Nick and silently intimidates him, but nothing else. At Fortunes apartment, he gives her $50 and rebuffs her advances at first, but agrees to sit with her. She suggests they start something real, and he tells her no because he's a cop and she's a "whore." she calls him an asshole as he leaves. 



Public Morals
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Public Morals Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

They're a couple of angels. And they're very good listeners, especially after I threatened them with my cane.

Sgt. Mike Muldoon

Attago, Terry. I was really starting to get worried I raised a pacifist.

Sgt. Mike Muldoon