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Muldoon meets Patton in secret. Muldoon tries to get information about Mr. O's murder out of Patton, but Patton evades giving answers. 

Latucci flirts with Tadesco's niece as he tries to arrange a meeting with her uncle. 

Duffy doesn't have any information on Suzi's murder for Muldoon. Muldoon presses him for information on the murders of Rusty's accomplices. He charges Duffy with going undercover in Patton's organization to get close to Rusty.

Latucci calls Tadesco about standing him up for lunch. 

Duffy goes to Rusty's office to ingratiate himself. He pushes a little too quickly on the Rogers and O'Reilly murder. Rusty asks Duffy to track down Richie Kane -- quietly.

Latucci confronts Tadesco about violating their business arrangements, and forces a renegotiation. 

Muldoon talks to the detective investigating Mr. O's case, who is dropping the investigation. 

Christine calls Muldoon about Jimmy, who was seen drinking in the school parking lot. 

Rusty interviews the bartender about the attack on O'Reilly and Rogers. 

Jimmy comes home drunk, and Muldoon harasses him. Muldoon Sr. calls with information about Mr. O's murder, and is upset when Muldoon doesn't drop everything to meet him. Christine harps on moving to the suburbs again.

Smitty reports to Patton, he vaguely threatens him and then sends him to a warehouse.

Fortune meets Bullman at an upscale hotel. She tells him that she won't be quitting because she makes too much money. He encourages her to get out sooner rather than later.  She asks for his advice on joining up with a madam. 

Smitty arrives at the warehouse, unsure of what to expect. He's clearly shocked when he's given a fur coat for his wife instead of a beating.

At Smitty's apartment, his wife is thrilled with her gift, and expresses her support of Smitty.

Latucci fills Muldoon in on the situation with Tadesco, and urges Muldoon to let him handle it. 

Smitty buys a Cadillac, and gives his Plymouth to his second in command. 

Bullman gives a disgruntled Shea some lip before asking the Captain about the madam who approached Fortune. Johanson is appalled at what Bullman has gotten himself into. 

Muldoon and Latucci go to see Todesco at his barbershop. Muldoon threatens to lock up Todesco if he doesn't pay the bribe. Todesco promises to have all the money by that evening. 

Duffy repeats into Rusty, and again makes the mistake of pressing too hard while trying to get info for Muldoon.

Rusty decides to make a show of force in order to force Richie's hand, starting with Smitty. Tommy warns Rusty against crossing his father, but Rusty doesn't care.

Johanson and Muldoon talk about the situation with Latucci and Tadesco, as well as Bullman's attraction to Fortune. 

Latucci picks up Bernadette, who is unhappy about how her uncle is being treated.

Bullman advises Fortune against joining up with a madam and offers to look out for her safety -- no payment necessary.

Latucci questions Bernadette on her involvement in Tadesco's business. 

Muldoon fills Johanson in on what's happening with Mr. O's case and how it impacts the business of the PMD.

Smitty leaves his second in the new Cadillac while he goes into Walker's for a pickup. Rusty and Tommy Red are waiting there. Rusty is confrontational over Smitty taking over Mr. O's role and the murder or Rogers and O'Reilly. Smitty disavows Richie being part of his crew. Rusty strangles Smitty from behind with a belt. Tommy Red shoots Sully in the Cadillac. The barman is left to clean up the mess.

Detective Battalina calls Muldoon at the bar to let him know about the most recent murder. 

Public Morals
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Public Morals Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

As much as I would love to wish it was a random act of violence, I'm Irish and therefore can't help but expect the worst.

Terry Muldoon

You want me wipe your ass for you too, you prick?

Vince Latucci