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Rusty Patton buys a gun from a dealer, who offers to get him whatever firepower he needs. 

Muldoon arrives at O'Bannon's apartment, where Deirdre has slept over. Muldoon breaks the news of Mr. O's death, questioning if O'Bannon was the shooter.

A girl, Suzy, calls her friend, Barbara, after seeing Mr. O's murder. 

Muldoon and Bullman question Smitty, who was Mr. O's second in command. He's drunk, and after trying to accuse O'Bannon and then Duffy, Muldoon brings up the plan to move against Patton. Smitty places the blame for that on Richie Kane.

Patton's granddaughter, Rose, asks for money for a trip. Two henchman come in, but Rusty isn't with them. Patton is not impressed. Patton asks what they've found out about Mr. O's murder, but they don't have anything, and neither do their contacts in the police department.

The PMD meets to discuss Mr. O's murder. Muldoon stands up for O'Bannon, and is assigned to work with homicide on the investigation. The discussion moves on to who will take over the bookie business. 

The lead homicide detective working Mr. O's case, updates Muldoon on the case. The bartender where Mr. O was shot denies that Mr. O was at the 

Suzy saw the shooting and tells Barbara what she saw. Suzy wants to stay with her for a few days, but Barbara kicks her out, fearful for her own safety.

Duffy is at Deirdre's apartment when she arrives home, passed out on the couch. O'Bannon calls her, and Duffy grabs the phone away from her. He asks her to go to the coroner with him, but they agree to meet for drinks.

At the bar, O'Bannon is celebrating the death of his father, which makes Deirdre mildly uncomforatble. She eventually joins in.

Muldoon and Bullman pay Patton a visit, but find Rusty and his brother Red instead. 

Petey Mac picks up Shea at the station for his ride along with Bullman. They question him about his background in the car, and he is shallowly open, but evasive on the details.

Patton receives news that his suspicions about Mr. O's killer are correct.

The Muldoon's sit down to supper as the kids question the existence of God and heaven. Muldoon's father calls, and Christine and Muldoon argue over the children attending Mr. O's wake. Muldoon insists that Jimmy attend, and Christine once again brings up leaving the neighborhood. 

Patton sits Rusty down and takes him to task for murdering Mr. O and endangering the family business.

Deirdre and O'Bannon leave the bar, but their intimate moment is interrupted by two thugs who start a fight with O'Bannon.

Bullman, Petey Mac, and Shea arrive at a nightclub. Petey Mac starts talking up the perks of plainclothes, and Shea is eager to know when he'll start taking home more money. The owner of the establishment, a former cop, introduces himself as Harry and makes clear that anything they want is on the house.

Muldoon arrives at his Aunt's apartment to meet with her and his parents. Conversation immediately devolves into old arguements. Kay, sporting a large bruise on her face, insists that Muldoon personally find the person or persons responsible for Mr. O's death. Muldoon Sr. readily agrees that they will personally hunt down the killer. 

Bullman insists that Shea join in on the card game at the club.

Deirdre cleans up O'Bannon. Things get steamy, and they go to bed. 

Shea takes risks at the blackjack table, but they pay off.

Muldoon Sr. makes it clear that he expects Terry to find Mr. O's killer because "family is family."

Rusty complains about his father to his uncle, who calls him out for over reaching when he killed Mr. O. As Rusty hides inthe ackseat, Red calls bartender Carl to the car. He questions Carl about the interactions between Mr. O and Rusty. Red intimidates him into covering for Rusty, and Carl reveals the prostitutes presence at the bar. Rusty garrotes Carl from the backseat, and leaves to go after Suzy while Red disposes of the body.

Muldoon shows up at the nightclub and asks Bullman for his assessment of Shea. Harry and Muldoon talk about Mr. O's murder, and Harry's opinion of Shea. Muldoon approves a small payoff for Shea. Shea ends up screwing the call girl provided by Harry.

Muldoon and the homicide detective meet for drinks, and talk about the witness, Suzy, who has been arrested multiple times under different names. They decide to check out an address that she provided on several occasions.

Rusty is waiting outside Suzy's apartment as she exits with a suitcase. He insists on driving her to the Port Authority. After she protests that she doesn't intend to tell anyone what she saw, Rusty shoots her in the street. 

Public Morals
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Public Morals Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

We're not street thugs anymore, goddammit! We're businessmen!

Joe Patton

Because it's one thing to want to kill your father, but it's another to actually do it.

Terry Muldoon