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At Quantico, the NATS are tasked with going through the background checks for the next round of trainees. However, an Emergency Session of the New Agent Review Board temporarily interrupts their task. Natalie is called into question because her scar is a fake.

While the board deliberates Natalie's fate, Nimah holds her own trial. She presents the truth about Simon. He's a war criminal. Nimah tries to turn everyone against him. Miranda and the board grant Natalie a second chance, but Simon is kicked out because he assaulted Ryan his third week at Quantico, and it was never reported.

Alex updates Team Free Alex on the current situation. She pled guilty because it was what the bomber wanted. After they are all brought in on the mission, Miranda convinces Alex to keep eyes on her team members. Simon goes to meet with his bomb maker friend, but it turns out it was just because he figured out that someone stole his plans and modified them for the Grand Central bomb. When Team Free Alex discovers Alex's betrayal, they turn against her.

Alex goes to Simon to beg for his help. Simon turns her down and heads inside. Before he can get inside his house, someone comes up from behind a chloroforms him.

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