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The trainees' latest test is to determine whether or not a case is a hate crime or a violent offense. However, before they can get too far into their task, Quantico is under attack. The cell who took Charlie is behind it.

Not so surprisingly, Charlie helped the cell plan their attack. They faked his kidnapping because they knew he would be taken back to Quantico to be debriefed. When Miranda goes to confront him after the attack is over, she is met with a gunman in her house.

Alex meets with Ryan and breaks up with him. Downstairs in the same bar, Shelby meets with Samar. Turns out, Shelby's parents are still alive. They faked their death and used Samar to get money from Shelby. 

Simon helps Alex work on unmasking the terrorist and executing his/her orders. The latest task is to swap pills. The target? Senator Claire Haas.

Things are easier said than done. Alex faces a lot of obstacles, and her attempts end with Hannah asking for her badge. Oh, Alex also spilled the terrorist and Natalie secret first as a last ditch effort. Shockingly, it worked. Hannah tried to find Natalie, and when things didn't add up, she completed Alex's task of swapping the pills before going to Alex's place for answers.

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