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Epifanio’s men track Brenda through her cellphone. Teresa calls Brenda to tell her to destroy her phone, run and head to the “crazy, green place” which turns out to be a nail salon where she gets green nail polish. Teresa calls her and tells her to buy a burner phone and get herself and her son to Dallas. 

Camilla moves forward with her plan of buying a shipping business in the Gulf of Mexico to encroach on her husband’s territory. Because of work, Camilla cancels a visit with her teenage daughter, Isabella who is at boarding school. Isabella is furious and won’t return her phone calls. 

Camilla knows that her husband is scouring several states for Teresa but all the while telling her that Teresa means nothing. 

James moves Teresa’s stuff into the section where the drugs mules sleep. Camilla orders James to take Teresa on his next run. 

While in the car, DEA agents grab Teresa and offer her protection if she admits she works for Camilla. Teresa keeps her mouth shut, then finds out this was all a test of loyalty from Camilla, who is pleased that Teresa didn’t snitch. 

Teresa goes on another run with James and realizes that some of the bills they are being paid in the transaction are counterfeit. She figures out that one of the men is stealing and replacing the bills with fakes. James asks Teresa what she thinks they should do about it. Teresa says to let the man go. James tells her that’s the wrong answer. 

Later, Camilla offers Teresa a Rolex watch for saving her from being ripped off but Teresa doesn’t take it. Camilla says she will hold it for her. She tells Teresa that showing mercy to the man who stole from them was the wrong decision. Woman can never afford to look weak and to never make that mistake again. 

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I don't like gringos. The last time I checked there's a lot of gringos in Texas.


The second that you become valuable to her, the second she takes an interest in you, it's going to be harder for you to get out. So be careful.