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Everyone celebrates Teresa being back while Pote searches James’ room and finds a listening device. It’s also a recording device. James has been recording all of their transactions. 

Teresa tells James that El Santo is here and she’s meeting him on Tazas reservation but James never shows. 

James realizes that someone has been in his room. He looks for his listening device and finds it where he’d hidden it. He calls Devon Finch. 

Teresa and Pote meet with Little T who is doing better. She confesses that she’s been in contact with her uncle, even though she said she would never speak to him again, but she’s still Teresa’s “ride and die.”

James calls Teresa. He says he knows she knows about the link to Devon Finch and that she thinks he’s involved. He says that if he means something to her, he needs her to show up so he can explain. When Teresa and Pote get there, James has Kelly Anne bound and gagged. He says she is the mole and she confesses. 

Devon approached Kelly Anne after she was tortured at the winery. He told her that working for him would save Teresa’s life. She tried to run but he found her. She switched out the medallion and planted the listening device in James’ room. 

Teresa orders Kelly Anne to be killed, and although Pote agrees, he has trouble pulling the trigger, so James does it for him. Later, James is hurt that Teresa didn’t come to him when she first suspected. She agrees that he deserves better. 

Teresa gives Little T a backpack full of cash. She encourages her to get out of the life and go back to school to make something of herself. Little T is upset, she only wants to be like Teresa. 

Camila is outside of Culican, Mexico walking down a dirt road on broken heels. She comes upon a funeral and steals a car. She heads to a safe house that’s set up to look like a closed dance studio. Inside is a safe with cash and a gun. 

The dance studio was where she met Epifanio. He’d come there to watch her dance and was almost gunned down by the cartel while trying to see her. 

Camila calls Alonso and he meets her at the dance studio. He admits he was reinstated at the DEA and he didn’t tell her because she was his target. She still is. Alonso offers her and Isabela witness protection but she refuses. She won’t be a snitch. 

While waiting, a female soldier searches the safe house. Camila has to fight her. She wins but chooses not to kill the woman once he has the gun. When the soldier calls her la jefa, Camila says she’s no longer la jefa. She’s just Camila. 


Later she calls Alonso and tells him she won’t be turning herself into the DEA. She has another plan. She calls James.

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Open your eyes, Teresita, or someone will shut them for you.


He put a tracker in little Tony’s Gameboy. He could have done the same with Guero’s medallion while you two were, you know.