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Micah meets Kiki after her cheerleading practice. The private school wants to talk to both Charley and Davis about the incident at his previous school before granting him admission. Kiki pushes him to go to St. Josephine High. 

Nova is going to be a part of a Q & A with Melissa Harris Perry on NOLA Now. Nova is a little taken aback when Chantal pushes her own BLM agenda and gets upset when Nova won’t take her advice. 

Chantal sees a photo of Calvin and realizes that Nova had a relationship with a white cop and breaks up with her. 

Nova hears that Too Sweet and his family were evicted and Too Sweet ran off from the shelter, feeling it was too much like prison; no one knows where he is. 

Worker don’t show up to work at the farm after the murders and Charley needs to get a new mill deal. Turns out the Landry’s and Boudreauxs own the mills, the refinery and all the land surrounding the farm. 

Ralph Angel lets Darla take Blue to school, much to Violet’s dismay. Ralph Angel grows frustrated when the school won’t allow him to sign a permission slip for a field trip for Blue. When Vi mentions that Davis still has the right to be Micah’s father, Ralph Angel wants to know when he gets to be Blue’s father again because he’s been there for his son every day since he got out of prison. He breaks down in tears and Vi signs the papers to return custody to him. 

The High Yellow Diner has closed down because no one knows how to answer the questions or find the paperwork for the Health Inspector. Vi tells the owner that she’ll help but only if he hires her as the diner manager with salary and benefits. He agrees. Hollywood files papers to divorce LeighAnne and continues to pursue a reconciliation with Vi. 

Charley meets with Jacob Bourdreaux at the mill. Turns out the Landrys and Bourdreauxs are related and they own all of the mills and the refinery, which is how they can gauge all of the other farmers in the Parish.  The two families also own all of the land surrounding the Bordelon’s farm. Jacob offers $4 million to buy the Bordelon’s farm, far more than Landry offered earlier. 

Charley grows suspicious about why the Landry/Bourdreaux clan wants this farm so badly. Vi and Prosper share the farm’s history with Charley, Ralph Angel, and Nova. 

The Bordelons were slaves of the Landrys. After emancipation, some of the Bordelons went north to Chicago to find work and sent money back home. Their great-great grandaddy used that money to buy this parcel of land when the Landrys fell on hard times. Afterwards, the Landrys claimed they’d never sold it and tried to take the land back. They strung up and killed four Bordelons. Eventually the title was found to prove the Bordelons own the land but the Landrys and Bourdreauxs have done everything in their power to make running the farm has hard as possible so they could one day take it back. Vi believes that the stress is what eventually killed Ernest.

Charley, Ralph Angel and Nova agree that although it won’t be easy and they don’t have all the answers, they won’t sell their family’s land.

Queen Sugar
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Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

We had two workers murdered on our land. If I was them I wouldn't come back neither.


This ain't going to be some Netflix and chill kind of situation.