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Nova is blindsided to find out she can’t use her articles from the Daily News for her book because she no longer works for them. She gets her final check from the paper with a note attached from her editor, saying he should have had her back and he’s sorry. Nova decides to base her book on the plight of black farmers. 

Nova starts to question Ralph Angel about what Charley did to get Sam Landry to back off. Ralph Angel lets it slip about Charley's plan and Nova confronts Charley at Violet’s house. Everyone is appalled that Charley would work with the Landry’s for any reason and they don’t believe in her plan. Charley ends up leaving and even Micah is upset with her. Ralph Angel is the only one on her side. 

Hollywood’s friend wants him to invest in a barbershop, but Vi tells him to be careful with his money. Hollywood buys Violet an engagement ring. Hollywood and Vi go to his high school reunion where his old girlfriend pretends to mistake Violet for his mother. The stress causes Vi’s lupus to flare up but she hides the symptoms from Hollywood. 

Blue catches Ralph Angel with a woman in the house. When Blue starts wetting the bed, Ralph Angel realizes that his behavior is upsetting his son and puts a stop to it. 

Ralph Angel takes a job at a fish factory to make ends meet and befriends the Asian family who runs it. He also interviews a parolee for a job on the farm and decides to give him a chance. 

Micah starts at St. Josephine’s High School and bonds with his new classmates as they plan their next protest. 

Darla shows up unexpectedly at the farm, much to Blue’s joy and Ralph Angel’s mistrust. 



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Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

So you betray our family, get in bed with the enemy, and all you got was 1%. That's what we're worth?


Ralph Angel: He showed up late, dressed like he was going to a club, and he had no experience.
Nova: So he was late and unprepared.
Ralph Angel: Yeah.
Nova: That sounds vaguely familiar.