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Delaney Shaw, a hot mess of a teenage pop star checks into the hospital for exhaustion. Dash hopes to lose his virginity to her but it doesn't quite work out. Jordi hopes to play his songs to her manager. Delaney says she'll get him ten minutes for ten pain pill.

Jordi steals pain medication from an elderly woman who is having a chemotherapy treatment. He gives the pills to Delaney but she won't introduce him to her manager. She thinks Jordi is too talented and she's already on shaky ground. She doesn' t need the competition but she gives Jordi $100 which he plans to put towards the $395 filing fee for becoming an emancipated minor. 

Nurse Jackson interrupts Kara and Hunter as they try to have sex in a bathroom stall. Later, the two scramble to find a condom but after a fight with Emma about never having a real relationship, Kara decides to hold of on the sex. When Hunter passes out due to a high fever caused by infection, Kara refuses to leave him.

Dr. McAndrew considers getting back together with ex-girlfriend Dr. Grace, until he meets Sam, her new boyfriend whom she met in Africa. He heads to a bar to forget and runs into Brittany who is having a horrible date. Later, Adam and Brittany end up in bed. The next morning she wants to know what they'll say at work about their relationship. He tells her this was just a one night stand and she punches him. 

Leo and Emma are both told they may go home soon. Leo engineers a special dinner date for them on the rooftop, including candles which set his prosthetic on fire. Later he gives Emma the one thing he saved, a box of chocolates. She's furious and says everyone thinks she's better because she says the right things but she's not and the Leo thinks he knows her but he never will. 

Emma is released from the hospital and her father takes her home. Leo is told he has to stay for at least another week or two. There's nothing he can do but watch Emma leave. 

Red Band Society
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Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Kara: You mean it goes off even when I'm not connected to it?
Nurse Jackson: Like a smoke alarm that needs new batteries.

Kara: On what planet do you have a shot at Delaney Shaw?
Dash: Planet hospital where the competition is drastically reduced.