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Turns out Dr. McAndrew's one night stand was actually Jordi's mom, who isn't dead. She was 19 when she had Jordi and eventually left him with his grandmother. She decides to stick around to help her son.

Leo attempts a reconciliation with Emma but since she thinks he always viewed her as second best, she decides they should just be friends.

Dash is jealous of Jordi's relationship with Leo. Brittany tries to console him by saying that bromances can hurt just as much as romances. 

Kara can't stay away from drugs until her next urine test. Nurse Jackson keeps Kara with her even though she admits to Kenji that she hates the girl. Kara gets a clean test but later starts taking pills again. 


Red Band Society
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Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Usually when people have surgery they're bombarded by every random family member they have.


I haven't heard any code blue alarms so I'm pretty sure the amigo's not dead.