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-Siobhan meets Tyler Barrett, an international banker in Paris. She begins an affair but kicks him out when she becomes nauseous. She takes a pregnancy test and calls Henry but only listens to his voice over the phone.

-Malcolm is kidnapped, beaten, and pumped full of drugs by the people looking for Bridget.

-Henry tries to cash out funds from Andrew's firm without telling Gemma. Andrew's partner makes sure Gemma finds out.

-Bridget finds paperwork that leads her to a divorce attorney Siobhan had visited. They thought that Andrew was hiding assets from her.

-When Bridget tries to investigate, Andrew catches her. Someone saw her at the divorce attorney's and told Andrew.  He's hurt and angry.  He thought their marriage had gotten better.

-As Bridget tries to get information off of the dead man's cell phone, it rings. The voice on the other end tells her to hand over the phone and she won't be harmed. 

-Bridget keeps the phone and calls Agent Machado. She pretends to be Siobhan asking about Bridget but it's enough so that the bad guys think she's speaking to the FBI. She tells the man on the phone that if anything happens to her, the FBI gets the phone.

-Bridget apologizes to Andrew and they decide to work on their marriage.

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Ringer Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Don't just spin theories. Get proof.


It's a lawsuit waiting to happen!