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-The ultrasound shows Bridget isn't pregnant. The doctor assumes it was an ectopic pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage. Andrew is upset and even Juliet is sympathetic while Bridget hides her relief.

-Henry admits he'd hoped the baby would give him a second chance with Siobhan. Now he's done.

-Tyler (the real Siobhan's boyfriend) flies to New York for a meeting with Andrew. He sees Bridget and is furious. He mistakes her for Cora (aka Siobhan) and thinks she's playing him. He breaks up with Cora (Siobhan) and kicks her out of his hotel.

-Machado has Bridget wear a wire and meet with Malcolm but she manages to warn Malcolm and Machado learns nothing.

-Malcolm can't control his need for heroin and asks Bridget for help.  She brings him to Charlie, her new sponsor and Siobhan's right hand man.

-Juliet has a crush on her teacher.

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Ringer Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

It's been a tough week for me. I'm not getting my trust fund until I'm like, 25.


Bridget: I thought you were dead.
Malcolm: I thought I was too.