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-Mr. Carpenter threatens Juliet when the police question him about Tessa. Juliet tells her mother and Catherine runs to Mr. Carpenter with whom she's having an affair.

-Juliet feels guilty and threatens to tell Andrew the truth. Carpenter cashes out his account and he and Catherine run. Then Catherine steals the cash and leaves him with a video of him celebrating their con. She leaves a note saying she'll release the video if he goes near Juliet.

-Catherine pays off the man she had beat up Tessa and doesn't tell Juliet she now has Carpenter's money.

-Siobhan finds out she's having twins and tells Henry even though the doctor tells her the babies are most likely Andrew's.

-Malcolm copies Olivia's computer. He believes she's hiding something at Martin Charles. He follows her to a secret accounting office. He believes Olivia has set up a ponzi scheme at Martin Charles.

-Andrew and Bridget decide to renew their vows and ask Juliet to be the Maid of Honor. Malcolm is upset. Bridget says she loves Andrew and will find a way to tell him the truth.

-Malcolm tells Bridget his theory about Olivia. Bridget tells Andrew. Andrew confesses to her that the ponzi scheme wasn't Olivia's idea. It was his.

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Ringer Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

You guys do get that you're already married, right?


It's not exactly my cup of tea but it beats another viewing of The Notebook.