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-Malcolm tells his suspicions about Charlie to the police. They search the house but Charlie has moved Gemma.

-Charlie tells Siobhan he's done with her game. He tells Bridget he has Gemma and wants a $250,000 ransom.

-Bridget and Andrew go to drop off the ransom but the police are tailing them. Henry called them when he grew suspicious of Bridget. Charlie sees the police and shoots Gemma instead.

-Gemma survives and hits Charlie but he gets up. Just before he kills her he tells her that Siobhan, not Bridget is the one who is responsible for this. 

-Siobhan flies back to New York and confronts Charlie. When they fight, she shoots and kills him. The police think Charlie killed Gemma, then himself.

-Siobhan tells Tyler that the baby she's carrying is his and that Andrew beats her. She fakes a black eye to prove it.

-Juliet's crush on her teacher continues to grow. He becomes angry and tells Juliet they need to talk in private. Later, Julie tells her friend that Mr. C. raped her.

-Another one of Machado's informants is murdered. This time Machado catches the mole Makawi has in the department.

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Ringer Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Siobhan: She's my friend.
Charlie: Yeah, I hate to see how you treat your enemies.

Malcolm: Anniversary?
Bridget: Six years already. Can you believe it?