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-Henry cleans up the blood and throws the broken vase and bloody rags in a dumpster. Then he leaves Gemma's car at the airport.

-He accuses Siobhan (Bridget) of killing Gemma. She denies any involvement. Eventually he believes her and tells her where he stashed the evidence.

-Bridget leaves an anonymous tip for the police telling them which dumpster to look in. She purposefully leaves her own fingerprint on the broken vase leading them to look for Bridget.

-Juliet is bullied at her new public school. Another girl starts a fight with her but no one will stick up for Juliet. Even her father believes she's in the wrong.

-Juliet's teacher lies for her, accusing the other girl, Tessa of starting the fight. He says he knows what Tessa is like and believes Juliet deserves a fresh start.

-Agent Machado searches for Malcolm. They search Makawi's strip club but Malcolm has been moved.

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Ringer Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Teacher: It's a better school than it looks.
Juliet: How could it not be.

Andrew: Will you tell her that's not appropriate attire for the first day of school.
Bridget: It's a little fabric challenged.