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-Siobhan pawns Bridget's ring for $15,000. She pays off a man for fake passports but now she needs the name changed from Cora Farrell to Rebecca Sheldrake as she suspects Bridget may be on to her.

-Henry follows Siobhan thinking that she's the real Bridget Kelly and calls Agent Machado. Machado hauls Siobhan in and has her fingerprinted but the prints don't match Bridget's.

-Juliet's mother, Catherine comes to comfort her daughter by taking her on a shopping spree. Juliet's accusations against Mr. Carpenter are questioned when school security video shows her coming on to him in the hallway. 

-Catherine calls Juliet a liar and a slut and Andrew kicks a drunken Catherine out. Bridget and Juliet continue to bond. Just when Juliet is considering dropping the charges, her school nemesis Tessa shows up confessing that she too was raped by Mr. Carpenter.

-Agent Machado gets word that Jimmy is confessing to the murders Makawi committed. Jimmy asks Makawi to get him out of prison.

-Siobhan brings Henry to the Martin's building so that he can see Bridget getting out of a limo while he's with her. Then she tells him the truth. She's the real Siobhan Martin and she's still pregnant with his baby.

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Ringer Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Bridget: I'm channeling Martha Stewart.
Andrew: You know I've got a thing for her, right?

The pizza's way better here than in Wyoming.