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-Months ago, Agent Machado fell in love with a stripper turned informant who tried to take down Badawi. Badawi brutally murdered her. She was pregnant with Machado's child.

-Malcolm worries for Bridget's safety and goes to Henry for help. He tells Siobhan who calls Malcolm pretending to be Bridget and yells at him for talking to Henry, telling him she doesn't need him any more.

-Malcolm calls Machado and tells him he'll testify that Badawi kidnapped him.

-Olivia finds out that the mole is Tyler. Tyler takes Siobhan's information to New York and goes to the SEC behind her back.  Olivia confronts Tyler and he gives her his paper files but not the computer files.

-Bridget moves into a hotel when she becomes concerned about what Andrew and Olivia are plotting. 

-Bridget goes to see Tyler but sees Andrew enter the hotel. Later she finds Tyler dead in his room.

-Olivia now has Tyler's memory stick. Andrew goes to confront Malcolm.

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Ringer Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

You can't stay here where it's more dangerous than what you left behind.


I really thought Olivia was behind the ponzi scheme. She's a conniving bitch.