Rise Season 1

"Opening Night"

On Rise Season 1 Episode 10, Simon struggles to overcome his biggest fear, Lilette withholds a huge development and Robbie has a breakthrough on opening night.

"Totally Hosed"

On Rise Season 1 Episode 9, Tracey and Lou prepare "Spring Awakening" for opening night, but can't agree on how to address notes from the administration.

"The Petition"

On Rise Season 1 Episode 8, an unauthorized, provocative sizzle reel promoting the school production of "Spring Awakening" spreads like wildfire.

"This Will God Willing Get Better"

On Rise Season 1 Episode 7, Simon's personal feelings start to compromise his performance in the musical, while rehearsals that falls short of expectations.

"Bring Me Stanton"

On Rise Season 1 Episode 6, Lilette and Robbie feel the weight of responsibility on their shoulders when Lou's vision for "Spring Awakening" starts to crumble.

"We've All Got Our Junk"

On Rise Season 1 Episode 5, Gwen reels in the aftermath of a shocking announcement from her parents, while Lou and Gail try desperately to get through to Gordy.

"Victory Party"

On Rise Season 1 Episode 4, tensions threaten to bubble over when Robbie's football teammates end up facing off with the school's drama troupe.

"What Flowers May Bloom"

On Rise Season 1 Episode 3, Simon drops a bombshell that forces Lou to reconsider whether picking this controversial show was worth the cost.

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"Most of All to Dream"

On Rise Season 1 Episode 2, Coach Strickland vindictively monopolizes Robbie's time, while Lou is brought down to Earth when his production budget is slashed.

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On Rise Season 1 Episode 1, Lou takes over the high school drama club and immediately faces a lot of pushback from concerned parents.

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Rise Season 1 Quotes

When you sang at the pep rally, I saw you. I saw you come alive.


What we've got here is a big ugly turd.