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Hermione comes clean to Veronica about Hiram finding out about the affair. She's worried what her husband will do with the news.

Cheryl invites Archie to the Blossom Maple Harvest. She doesn't want to go alone since Jason will no longer be there. She needs support.

Veronica asks Ethel to hang out. She invites her to a dinner with Betty, Kevin and her mother.

Mrs. Blossom encourages Archie to attend the harvest with Cheryl. She offers to help get him into a summer music program. Betty, on the other hand, asks Archie to talk with Polly while he's at the Maple Harvest.

Mr. Blossom asks Cheryl to draw the first drops of sap from the tree. Archie gives her support. While Archie gets a few minutes free, he asks Polly to call Betty. Polly says that Betty shouldn't worry.

Hermione warns Veronica against Ethel. Ethel's father invested with Hiram and they lost everything. She says not to trust her, but Veronica wants to believe her.

Archie defends Cheryl after two family board members talk down to her.

Hermione admits to Fred that her and Hiram are the anonymous buyers. Fred is angry that he's been dragged into this war. She begs him to stay on the project to turn Lodge Industries around.

Mr. Blossom and Cheryl invite Archie to another event to be Cheryl's escort. While he declines, they push him to join them.

Cheryl reveals to Betty and Jughead that Polly is having twins. Betty begs Cheryl to pass along the message to Polly to call their mother.

Veronica gives Ethel a bunch of clothes and items as gifts. Ethel turns them down and just wants to be friends. Meanwhile, Cheryl gives Archie a new guitar as a gift and a kiss on the cheek.

Alice and Betty drop a full expose on the Blossoms to the Riverdale Register. However, Mr. Cooper declines to post the story. He fires Alice from the paper. She grabs a rock and throws it through the door, breaking the glass.

Archie offers to trade in his help for the summer program if the Blossoms could help his dad instead. Clifford Blossom is impressed with Archie. He offers to see how the night goes.

Cheryl talks with Valerie and worries her that she'll steal Archie away. She confronts her boyfriend. He says he's only doing it to help his dad and for the music program, but he doesn't reassure Valerie.

Kevin reveals that Ethel's dad tried to commit suicide. Veronica breaks down over the guilt and destroys the pearls her father gave her.

Clifford Blossom offers to help Fred Andrews. In exchange, he insinuates that Archie should spend more time with Cheryl. The Blossom board doesn't trust Cheryl in charge but with Archie by her side, they'd agree to it.

Polly reveals that she's undercover at the Blossoms. She believes the Blossoms had something to do with Jason's death. She wants to find out the truth.

Veronica comes clean to Ethel's mom that she's a Lodge. She also reveals her father had something to do with ruining Mr. Mugg's investments.

Cheryl kisses Archie. He backs away and leaves her by the pool. Archie overhears that the Blossoms might have had something to do with Hiram Lodge being sent to jail.

Jughead and Betty tell Alice that Polly's undercover. They're going to keep working on the story and will publish it in the school newspaper if needed.

Valerie breaks up with Archie because he ignores her and doesn't treat her right. Fred ends things with Hermione on a romantic level; they will only be business partners.

Ethel accepts Veronica's apology. They will be friends again.

Betty, Jughead and Archie have a new suspect in the Jason Blossom investigation. They think Hiram Lodge may have plotted the death in retaliation for the Blossoms sending him to jail.

Cheryl creepily scratches out Archie's and Polly's face in the harvest group photo.

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Riverdale Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Archie: Val! Wait...you were right about being bought and taking shortcuts. After last night, I'm done with the Blossoms.
Valerie: Archie, I'm done with you. Ever since we've started dating, you've ignored me. You've ditched me.
Archie: Val, please! Let me make it up to you.
Valerie: Sorry, Archie, but unlike you, I won't be bought.
[Puts in earbuds and runs off]

Betty: Mom...Archie, he talked to Polly. She's okay, Mom. She didn't choose the Blossoms over us, she's actually there to spy on them.
[Sniffles and drinks]
Alice: You know, when I went after this story, I thought in the back of my mind, "What if..what if this is finally the time she doesn't come back?"
Betty: She will, Mom! Right now, she's our woman on the inside. We're going to write this story.
Jughead: Come write with us at the Blue and Gold.
Alice: The school newspaper?!
Jughead: Yea, it's what we are, but I'm pretty sure our annual operating budget is bigger than the Register's.