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Jughead comes clean to Archie about not living at home. He's living at the school. Archie offers for him to live at their place, but Jughead turns him down.

Veronica is retaliating against her mother by going on a shopping spree.

Betty is worried about Polly's location. Veronica and Archie notice Jughead flirting with Betty; both admit the truth to their friends.

Cheryl's friend Ginger texted her that Polly escaped from the group home. She shares the news with her mother and Sheriff Keller. Kevin warns Betty and Veronica that the Blossoms know the truth.

Jughead asks his dad to accept the job at Andrews Construction. He declines.

Betty organizes a search party to find Polly. Veronica plots to get back at her mother by partying it up with Josie, Kevin and Reggie. As the group begins searching, the Blossoms appear with their own group to find Polly.

The Coopers stage a press conference. They reveal the truth about Polly being hospitalized and being pregnant with Jason's baby.

During a chat with Jughead, Betty realizes Polly's hideout. She's hiding in the attic back at her home. She planned to raise the baby at a farm up north. Her parents wanted to put the baby up for adoption, but she doesn't want to.

Mr. Jones accepts the job with Archie's dad. He threatens Hermione to keep quiet about the shady dealings.

Betty confronts her parents about where the baby will stay if found. They lie and say Polly wants to give it up for adoption. Betty needs to find a way to get Polly away. Cheryl will chat with her parents to get money for a place to live and vitamins.

Archie, Jughead and their fathers go out for dinner at Pop Tate's Chock'lit Shoppe. They share details about their past. There's still animosity between the fathers.

Veronica, Josie, Kevin and Reggie go out to the club for a night of dancing. Veronica shares what happened when the police raided their home. She's mad at her mom for stealing her name.

Betty meets with Cheryl and her parents about Polly. They're willing to help, but they want to know where Polly is located.

Hermione reports the credit card stolen. Veronica pays the bill and figures out it's time to chat about issue.

Mr. Jones reveals Fred forced him out of the company. He starts drinking and Jughead brings him back home to pass out.

Hermione and Veronica have a heart-to-heart chat about their recent fight. They agree to work it out.

Sheriff Keller and Principal Weatherbee find Jughead's investigation wall. They bring him in for questioning; Sheriff Keller thinks it's Jughead. He wants to speak with a lawyer.

Mrs. Blossom asks Cheryl if Polly is an unfit mother. She doesn't think Polly should raise the baby.

Fred fakes an alibi for Jughead and clears him. Mr. Jones arrives and he's delirious. Jughead plans to stay with Archie for the time being while his dad plans to get clean.

Cheryl warns Polly and Betty about her parents' real plans with the baby. Polly ends up moving in with Hermione and Veronica.

Jason's letterman jacket is hiding away in Mr. Jones's closet.

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Riverdale Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Kevin: You guys, oh my God!
Veronica: What?
Kevin: Cheryl tweeted, "#PollyCooperkilledmybrother, #nowheretohide, #sharpenyourpitchforks"
Betty: Oh no! We need to find Polly before the Blossoms do.

Veronica: When my dad got arrested, the police...the lawyers...the judge...the courts...they took everything from us. Our houses, our cars, our club memberships, our yacht. Even, I'm not kidding, the clothes off our backs. Anyway, my mom sat me down at the edge of my canopy bed and she told me not to cry, because there was one thing in this world that nobody could take away from me. Not ever.
Reggie: Your trust fund?
Veronica: My name, Reggie. Which after telling me "Nobody would ever take it," that is EXACTLY what she did! Like it meant nothing. Like it was nothing. Like I was nothing.