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Kevin is in the woods at night and he starts making out with someone. He overhears the gunshot and runs into Midge who is begging for help.

Veronica asks her parents if it's fine to invite her friends over. Her dad thinks it's fine.

Reggie confirms that Moose and Midge were shot out the previous night. Moose suffered several shots, but they both survived.

Veronica invites her friends over and they all agree.

Betty confronts Kevin about the truth of what he was doing. Kevin admits he was cruising in the forest. He promises that he won't do it again. Cheryl overhears them.

Archie and Reggie visit Moose in the hospital. He and Midge confirm the attacker's eyes were blank.

Jughead meets his peer mentor at Southside High. Toni Topaz tells him the school is over run with jingle jangle, an addictive drug. Toni warns Jughead that he needs to sit with the Serpents or the other gangs in the school will target him.

Veronica introduces her friends to her father. Hiram invites Archie to come over to dinner and talk about how he will save Riverdale.

Hermione tells Veronica to note be so eager about wanting Hiram to approve of her friends.

Archie rallies the guys to start a watch group. The group, called "The Red Circle", will have no weapons, but they will protect their own.

Jughead wants to reinstate the school newspaper at Southside High. He promises to put in the work.

Kevin tells Betty to not get involved in his love life. Cheryl reminds Betty that Kevin is only looking for gratification and approval.

Alice Cooper receives an anonymous package. "The Black Hood" wants her to publish a letter revealing the gunman killed Ms. Grundy and shot the others. The package includes a wallet of money and Ms. Grundy's glasses.

Hal and Alice bring the letter to Sheriff Keller and Mayor McCoy. They urge them to not release for 24 hours. Alice will print the letter for the next morning.

Jughead is granted access to reopen the newspaper. The Serpents want Jughead to hang out, but he turns them down.

Polly decides she is leaving Riverdale to live on a farm. She is afraid of the killer.

Kevin tells Moose he can't quit meeting up with guys.

Another layer to the drug problem in Riverdale was discovered. Jughead determines the drugs are being spread at Southside High.

Ethel walks home alone as a strange van follows behind her. Reggie and Archie arrive to save her in time.

Cheryl and Betty find Kevin in the woods again. He tells Betty to stop judging him.

Betty worries about Jughead's bruise. Toni lies to cover Jughead's back; she urges him to side with the Serpents so that the Ghoulies won't attack him again.

Hermione torments Veronica at the family dinner.

Polly leaves Riverdale for the farm.

Hiram tells Archie to stop sneaking into his daughter's room.

Kevin is back cruising again. He gets second thoughts about his next hookup; he runs away in fear. His father confronts him about it and the two agree to talk about things.

Veronica wants to get involved in the Lodge business.

Jughead sits with Toni and the Serpents at Southside High.

Archie films a livestream calling out "The Black Hood" and telling him they will find him. Hiram looks on excited.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Archie: Can we at least agree now there’s a killer on the loose?
Jughead: A terrible way...
Archie: Jughead, he murdered Ms. Grundy.
Betty: Arch, we don’t know that these three crimes are related.
Veronica: Guys, can we focus on what happens here? Midge and Moose are alive, Archie’s dad survived...the new season of ‘The Bachelorette’ starts tonight. You’re all coming over to watch.
Jughead: There’s a shooter terrorizing the town. Do you really want us to watch a gross reality dating show?!

Kevin: Betty, what do you want from me?
Betty: I want you to have more respect for yourself than this.
Kevin: Respect for myself?
Betty: Yes.
Kevin: Look, we’ve been friends for a long time, but you still have no idea.
Betty: Well, then tell me, Kev, please!
Kevin: You act like we’ve got the same set of options. You live in this pale pink world of milkshakes and first kisses, and “Am I going to date Archie or Jughead?”
Cheryl: Except, for when she’s Dark Betty...
Kevin: Right! Right! Right! Except for when you’re exploring your BDSM sexuality, which again you’re allowed to do. But I’m not, because why? This is what I’ve got, Betty. Me, these woods, so please don’t come here and tell me it’s disgusting. If you can’t accept what I do, whatever I do then we’re just not really friends.
[Kevin leaves]