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Cheryl is being held prisoner at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy; a place for troubled youth. Cheryl watches a PSA video where Kevin and Moose play the "troubled teens."

A student council Q&A is held at the school. Jughead/Betty, Veronica/Archie and Reggie/Josie answer questions.

Alice asks FP to convince Betty to return home. He has no part in it; he thinks Alice needs to apologize to Betty.

Tensions rise between Veronica's and Archie's parents. They ask their parents to keep things civil.

Hiram is visited by two criminal cronies. He wants Hiram to accept a deal that will allow them to invest in the Southside prison.

Mary asks Archie to stand bu his father when he announces his candidacy.

The drug dealer's car is found at the bottom of the swamp. Betty, Jughead, Alice and FP panic over the police finding out about the missing person. FP warns the group to keep quiet and not arouse suspicion.

Hiram plans to have dinner with his two colleagues. He wants Archie to protect Veronica, but Archie wants to assist Hiram in his plans.

The Serpents at Riverdale High won't give Betty and Jughead their vote in the election since they don't trust Betty or Alice Cooper.

Archie and Reggie have an arm-wrestling battle. Archie wins.

Toni is worried about Cheryl's disappearance. She has a hunch that the Blossoms did something bad to her.

The sister thinks Cheryl's attitude is due to Nana Rose confusing Jason and Cheryl together.

The two colleagues of Hiram want 25% of the Riverdale profits. All of Hiram's support outside of town now work for the colleagues. Archie stands up to them.

Betty and Jughead ask Kevin details about the car dumping investigation. He lets slip that the owner has come forward about the missing car.

Chic thinks the car belongs to Darla, the girlfriend of the drug dealer. Alice forces Betty to return home due to the worry over the cops. Chic offers to move back home, but she refuses.

Cheryl is forced to stack bags in the corner of the basement. The nun corrects her and forces her to restack them in a different corner.

Veronica, Josie and Toni visit Penelope and Nana Blossom to find out what happened to Cheryl. Josie threatens to get Sheriff Keller involved; however, Penelope mentions Cheryl's obsession and the drawings of Josie. Josie backs out of helping to find her.

Betty asks Alice if she can get a Serpent tattoo; Alice refuses. Chic brings over Darla to help with their matter.

Jughead helps Fred prep his announcement speech for the mayoral race.

Darla blackmails the Coopers for $10,000. If she gets paid, she'll leave and never mention anything about Dwayne again. Alice agrees to pay the debt.

Veronica and Archie walk into her home to find The Black Hood attacking Andre. Archie chases him down and pulls off the mask to reveal "Agent Adams." He tells Archie to send Hiram a message to accept the deal.

Hiram asks Archie to protect Veronica since Adams has now been turned.

Nana Rose crawls on the ground to try to reach for the phone. She calls Toni and tells her that Cheryl is with the Sisters. Claudius cuts the line.

Alice warns Betty to not come home. The man from the hostel who tried to hurt Chic earlier is in the home with them.

Toni and Veronica piece together that Cheryl is at a gay conversion therapy at the Sisters Orphanage. Kevin will show Toni and Veronica how to enter the orphanage through the secret tunnel.

Darla and the hostel manager get paid $10,000 by Alice; they plan to stay in town to keep bribing. Before they hurt the others, Jughead and the Serpents break through the door to save them.

Alice asks Chic to move out of the house. He won't be staying the night.

Hiram plans to accept the criminals' offer to invest in the prison. Archie tells him to wait on the deal.

Archie doesn't show up to Fred's mayoral announcement speech. He's visits Reggie to make a deal; he'll offer the Bulldogs if he makes it happen.

Kevin, Toni and Veronica break into the tunnel to find Cheryl. Cheryl breaks down and cries in her room after a day of moving bags around.

Toni finds Cheryl in the movie room. They kiss in front of everyone. The group make their escape in the flooded basement and save Cheryl in time before the nuns and orderlies arrive.

Archie, Reggie and "The Dark Circle" blow up the mob criminals' cars to send a message. They tell them Riverdale is protecting Hiram.

Mary Andrews chastises her Archie for abandoning his father.

Alice agrees to acknowledge her Southside past.

Hiram and Hermione give Archie a car as a gift for helping them out. Hiram tells Archie that the drama isn't over yet; the criminals will strike again.

Cheryl pushes Kevin to make her the star of his Carrie musical.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Mary: I don’t suppose you can tell me: What was so important that you couldn’t be there for your dad?
Archie: Believe me, I had every intention of going.
Mary: You used to worship your father. You used to play music. You, Jughead, Betty...you were inseparable. But I’m looking at you now, and I don’t know who you’ve become.
[His phones rings]
Mary: Who are you, Archie?

Cheryl: Kevin! I hear I’m back just in time for Carrie: The Musical, which you’re directing.
Kevin: You are. I’m having auditions this afternoon.
Cheryl: Cool. As far as the lead role is concerned, cancel them. I’m obviously Riverdale High’s Carrie White.
[She turns away to leave]
Cheryl: School’s gonna burn.