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Alice admits the truth that Hal Cooper isn't Chic's father. She doesn't want the father to know or be involved.

Hermione conducts an interview with Hal about her campaign. Andy Cohen visited Riverdale to endorse Hermione for the mayoral race. Veronica thinks she will run for student council president.

Jughead plans to go on a hunger strike to protest the prison. Ethel, in retaliation for what happened to the town, throws a milkshake on Veronica.

Reggie plans to run for student body president. He teases Veronica, but she gets mad enough to punch him.

Someone tries to enter Cheryl's room at night. She places a chair to barricade the door.

Veronica decides to run for student council. She asks Betty to be her running mate.

Toni joins the River Vixens. Cheryl invites her, Betty, Veronica and Josie for a dinner at sleepover at her home.

Hiram gives Archie a notice to share with Jughead: He plans to demolish Southside High. Fred wants to pull out of working with the Lodges. Jughead is furious with Archie for siding with Hiram.

Cheryl tells her friends the truth about her fear. She and Toni are about to kiss in bed when they hear a smash. Nana Blossom collapsed down the stairs; Cheryl fears she is next.

Archie's mom comes to visit. She's going to help Fred's case against the Lodges.

Veronica steps away from her kissing booth to try and make amends with Ethel.

Jughead tries to rally the Southside students at Riverdale High to protect their school.

Betty arrives home to find Chic and Kevin talking. Kevin told Chic the truth about the catfishing scheme. Betty threatens Chic if he hurts her friends.

Veronica wants Josie's endorsement for her campaign. She offers to get Josie on Watch What Happens Live!

The Southside Serpents chained themselves to Southside High to protest the demolition.

Betty threatens Chic and scares him.

Josie supports Veronica in the election and they perform a song together. Ethel hands out flyers revealing all the lies Veronica had told. Betty dropped out of the election, and it was revealed Josie gave the information to Ethel.

Chic told Alice that Betty threatened him. He showed the Dark Betty wig and revealed that Betty had sex with Jughead. Betty inadvertently confirmed the story.

FP can give Jughead a home for him and their family. However, Jughead doesn't want his family to look over a prison.

Archie's mother chastised him for disrespecting Fred.

Alice confirmed that Chic wasn't FP's son. Chic revealed he could call the police and get Betty arrested for covering up the dead body; he's scared of Betty.

Cheryl accuses Penelope of hurting Nana Blossom.

Archie agrees to help Hiram end the battle with the Serpents if he frees Fred from his agreement. He, and several other guys, break the chains of the protest.

Jughead wants to run for student body president. Betty agrees to be his vice-president. The only catch is that she wants to stay with Jughead since she's took scared to stay at home.

Fred is freed from his agreement. Archie's mom plans to stick around town and help him in his bid to be mayor.

Toni visits Thistle house looking for Cheryl; Penelope says Cheryl went to Switzerland to a boarding school. In actuality, Cheryl is being kept in an asylum for conversion therapy.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Alice: Betty, I have to ask...are you being safe with Jughead?
Betty: Yes, Mom, of course.
Alice: Well, that’s something. It’s...look...when I was your age, I wasn’t always. But you need to be, and I’m very well-acquainted with how alluring the Jones men are.
Betty: Woah, wait, Mom, did you and FP...? I mean, is it possible that FP is Chic’s dad?
Alice: Absolutely not! But Chic...is a part of our family. He’s your brother. IK know that he’s odd and damaged; I see that, I’m not blind. But for the past 25 years, has hasn’t had anyone to love him.
Betty: He’s dangerous.

Ethel: Veronica!
Veronica: Oh, hey Ethel.
Ethel: For your crimes against the town of Riverdale, for everything you and your family have done and continue to do, we find you guilty. Your sentence is this.
[She throws a milkshake at Veronica]