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The crime scene has something to do with a yoga practitioner doing his thing in the woods. He finds something mutilated but that's not the crime -- when he steps back from it he blows up!

Jane is packing to move to her new home. She takes a cactus that Maura thinks is dead, but Jane says it's a survivor. In the meantime, Frankie can't wait for her to go

Nina tells Vince about a woman, Rhonda, who was the cousin of the hacker and in jail with Joe Harris et al. She is MIA.

Jane complains about dead people in nature when they get to the crime scene. Vince has found the victim's finger. It fell out of a tree and is in a sandwich bag. They have to hike to check out what's going on. 

Vince tells Jane the news about Rhonda while Maura is not around.

Kiki is having a hard time picking out table linens. Angela branches out and asks her what's wrong with her. Kiki is worried she's going too extravagant when Vince has been married before. Angela's boyfriend calls and wants to take her to Paris this weekend. Kiki thinks she should go for it.

Cause of death: traumatic limb loss. We are no more shocked than Jane is.

Vince realizes they are standing in a minefield and orders everyone to stay still.

Jane would prefer the bomb squad guy not act like a pep squad cheerleader. He tells them to all turn off their cell phones while they clear the area. They will only be able to do 3 inches at a time. Vince is separate from everyone else and will be taken out last.

Angela tells Ron she can't decide about Paris. Ron thinks he is moving too fast, but that's not the problem. She's having a hard time with the spontaneity. Ron thinks she's too used to helping everyone else and goes on the trip by himself.

Jane surmises that perhaps the bombs belonged to the victim and he was practicing in the area.

Maura is rescued but freaks out about the body being left in the sun and is annoyed the bomb squad won't move the body til everyone alive is safe.

Later, Kent is worried about Maura. She says Jane and Vince are still stuck there and the best thing to do is solve the case. Frankie runs in and gives Maura a hug. (Weren't they an item at one point?)

The victim was a military guy, land mines expert, but why would he blow himself up?

Jane is cleared but Vince isn't. Actually, no, they find a bomb near Jane. No motion allowed.

Frankie interviews the victim's partner. Lots of enemies, especially foreign governments and impatient people. Frankie is upset that they found another mine. John's partner asks to help but Frankie says what will help is to solve the case (just like Maura)

Jane is finally cleared and wants to wait for Vince. He tells her to get him a pizza.

Vince says he thinks he may be standing on a mine... (no one could figure this out til now?) Jane insists on returning to the site to wait with him, which seems symbolic of this whole retirement meme. Maura sends Kent to help in case medical attention is needed. She will be there too ASAP.

The Bomb Squad guy tells Jane close enough twice before she listens. Anyway, the victim's been there a lot so...

Vince understands what Jane is going through. He tearfully says everything's been great with Kiki and now it could all literally blow up. He asks Jane to be his "best man" (presuming he survives this of course). Bomb squad comes with equipment. 

Nina discuss the case. Also, Nina got a warrant for Rhonda's cell phone so maybe they will catch Jane's hacker soon.

Kent and Maura watch the bomb squad through a video monitor. Maura gives the Bomb Squad "a lifetime's worth of favors", whatever that means.

Bomb Squad guy has something made out of snail teeth, courtesy of Maura, that will be used to protect Vince when they remove him from the bomb. Bomb Squad guy says Jane must go. She refuses to. Vince insists it will be all right. Jane goes, looking upset.

Everyone ewatches and Vince looks scared as the rescue operation commences. The device is placed on top of the edge of the bomb and strapped to Vince. Everyone watches tensely... Jane runs as she hears the blast. Vince is okay.

Vince talks to Kiki on the phone and doesn't tell her the whole story. Jane didn't talk to the hacker's cousin because she was waiting or Vince.

Rhonda is extremely uncooperative. Jane loses it and Vince pushes her out of the room. Vince says they can narrow it down now.

Jane comes to see Maura and talks to her about what happened. Maura has a disemboweled land mine but no identifying info except the gunpowder had Boron in it, and is often used in fireworks and military flares. Jane thanks Maura for the bomb shield.

Nina might have found a suspect, a passionate, angry woman who worked for the GMO. Kiki comes to see Vince. She knows he hid something from her. She's upset about what could have happened to him. Vince planned to tell her but he's busy trying to find the perp. Kiki isn't sure she's okay. She needs time. But she's glad he's safe.

The woman is upset that John is dead. She says she was dating John for years. She sent the threatening emails as a wake up call. John was getting too obsessed with profits.

Nina finds a woman who was with John. The woman, Kathryn, was married. Vince thinks maybe her husband planted the mines out of jealousy.

Jane has a bunch of files on her desk. She is trying to find inmates that interacted with both Rhonda and Joe Harris. Maura sits down to help.

Vince tells Angela they should always live for the moment and she decides to go to Paris.

Jane watches a video of John. He wanted to get back to his roots. Wasn't an affair. He wanted to start over and downsize. Frankie found John's investor video at Walter Parks' apartment = financial motive.

Parks has an annual fireworks display, further implicating him in the bombs.

Jane and Vince go to New Hampshire. Parks tries to run away. He has some sort of bomb. Vince tells everyone to get out but Jane refuses to leave again (this is going to be a liability someday)

Vince holsters his weapon and makes a speech about how Parks is a coward. The bomb was fake.

Kiki meets Vince at the Dirty Robber. She's surprised Vince thought the wedding was off. She now wants to marry him ASAP and is glad that the person who tried to hurt him is behind bars.

Angela shows up in a beret. She's going to Paris. 

Jane gets a call from Nina. She's got something. Everyone goes back to the office. Nina thinks she found the person who attacked Jane.  Name is Alice Sands and Jane doesn't recognize her. Maiden name McFadden. They were in the police academy but McFadden dropped out. Jane doesn't remember her AT ALL. Inmate services is closed for the night but Jane is not waiting. They go to the prison where a guard won't open the door. Vince says that McFadden was already released.


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