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Some guys are watching from a car and talking in another language. They have guns as they get out. Target seems to be a teenager walking down the street and looking nervous. One of the guys shoots at him. Teen has a gun too so there's a gunfight on an otherwise eerily empty street. The adult shooter is hit.

Maura is staying up late because she's distracting herself from her trauma by taking a poetry class. She is getting a cold. Angela has some crazy home remedy involving putting garlic in your ear that Jane is not comfortable with. Maura can't hear when the phone rings.

Vince is impressed that Angela has a cure for everything. There's a dead guy on the road and nobody is talking. Shooter's blood is on the ground so they have alerted emergency rooms. Frankie got security footage on the corner. Jane wonders about connections to organized crime.

In the lab, Jane is yelling to make sure Maura hears her. Maura says the cure worked and her hearing is okay now. Victim was killed by .22 to the heart. Looks like self-defense. No ID on the victim. Gun was stolen. Nothing distinctive in the clothing, of course. There was a small piece of metal on the boot, though.

Nina got an image of the face. Found someone who says shooter lives with his mom.

Vince and Jane go to the apartment and interrupt some foreign guy's massage. Masseuse and massagee say they don't recognize him. She claims the shooter is not her son. Suddenly seems to have a NY accent, or is it me?

Vince is not happy but Jane kind of likes the woman. Nina has a full name and ID. She is a Latvian immigrant. No kids on record. Prison record for prostitution 15 years ago. Everything is above board with her business now. 

Victim had radiation common after Trinobol. Kent finds out about a nuclear accident in a small town in Latvia. Kent thinks Maura needs to rest. He thinks Maura has a fever. 

Gang unit ID's shooter. Name was Little Nicky on the street. Disappeared after a falling out. The gang is good at money laundering (could that be related to the masseuse?). Anyway the victim was a member of the Latvia mob. Nicky was Katrina the masseuse's nephew, not her son. Jane calls off the uniforms so Nicky will go home.

Vince goes looking for gang members. Frankie knocks on some woman's door that he feels a need to flirt with. He wants to use an apartment for the stakeout.

Vince was gone for a long time because he needed the restroom. That makes Jane think he's retiring.

Woman talks with Frankie who can't give her much info about what he's doing. She doesn't want to pretend he's not there.

Vince tells some story about a bunch of frat boys he pulled over and the designated driver was a blind guy they hired to drive them. Jane again obsesses about missing it when it's over.

Jane checks in on feverish Maura. Kent has a new crazy cure for her. Anyway, the metal in the boot was a car part. Jane needs it to be ID'd to  tie the hitman to the mob boss. Maura needs to write a poem called the Opposite of Me and doesn't know what to do. Kent explains she's supposed to be creative. Maura and her love of structure are unhappy.

The woman sketches Frankie but won't let him see it because it's not done. She seems to be flirting now but it goes nowhere because Frankie doesn't know who Montgomery Clift is. She doesn't know anything about the Red Sox. He tells her about Babe Ruth.

Jane sees herself with a different partner and will never have a family because she can't give up being a cop. She loves it too much.

The woman falls asleep and Frankie covers her with his jacket and looks at the sketch before putting it next to her.

Maura also seems to be asleep. Kent turns out the light for her.

Maura has a dream where she is defending herself to Jane when she can't find enough information on the metal. Jane tells her that she admires her not giving up and everyone is wearing boots. She wakes up freaked out but seems to have learned something about the boots.

Maura is better but Jane is depressed because everything changes and people move on. Maura says if she moves away she's taking Jane with her. Jane sees Katrina and she and Vince follow her. Jane leaves the car. Katrina is not in the building she followed her to. They seem to have lost her in an alleyway.

Maura is very refreshed. Apparently hallucinations are a side effect of Kent's treatment. She is looking inside the sole of the boot. Something may have been left behind in the plastic. She finds something for Kent to analyze.

No one's seen Katrina. Vince gets an address from Nina. Katrina is at a bank three blocks away. But she's gone already Frankie saw her at her apartment. The bank is near an urgent care place. Jane and Vince go in.

Nicky is with a little boy. He tells him in Latvian to go away and puts his hands up.

Jane and Vince interview Nicky. He doesn't trust them. Vince offers a deal if he gives them info about the gang. But a lawyer shows up and makes him stop talking.

Jane realizes they have to go to Katrina. Meanwhile, Kent has news for Maura. The material on the boot was some type of lubricant. Maura has a mathematically perfect poem that says nothing.  Kent gives her a poetry lesson.

Frankie asks if Vince had second thoughts about Kiki because they are very different. He doesn't. Frankie likes the apartment girl.

Katrina makes a fuss about Jane violating her rights by showing up but eventually admits she feels guilty because she brought Nicky to America for the opportunities and his life is all screwed up. Jane asks her to trust her so that they can help Nicky. Nicky saw gang members had lots of money and cars. He wanted in. He told to kill a man and dump the body as his initiation and he couldn't do it so now there's a price on his head. Jane says he must cooperate. Katrina says she did not hire a lawyer. (I knew it!)

Nicky has already made bail. Katrina worries Nicky will be murdered.

Nicky cannot be found. Maura and Kent found out the lubricant is used in stone cutters, airline hydraulics, etc. Jane realizes it comes from a wrecking yard. She finds a connection between a salvage yard and a gang member.

Nicky has been handcuffed to a car that is about to be wrecked. Jane and company show up. There is a shootout while Nicky is screaming for help. Jane has to shoot out the equipment and stops it after the car is partially crushed. Nicky is alive! Katrina gives him a big hug.

Frankie asks the girl out. She can't go to the game with him because she is going to an art gallery opening. She invites him to go.

Kent brings spa water to Maura and Angela's to help with Maura's cold. Angela has a cold now. She and Kent compare remedies. Kent suggests snail mucus. Jane is annoyed. Maura skipped her writing class. She wrote a poem she is proud of.





Rizzoli & Isles
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Rizzoli & Isles Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Jane: You don't have to use my mother's crazy home remedy just to be nice.
Maura: What is a lazy bone melody?

Maura: I was up late last night.
Angela: Working or dating?