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Jane, VInce and Frankie go to the lot where Maura was kidnapped from. Vince says that they are pulling out all the stops to find Maura.

Jane blames herself for not protecting Maura. Vince tells her not to. CSU finds some blood. There's also a footprint and an internal BPD number.

Nina says number came from operations but there has been a shift change. Frankie and Nina wonder if Jane is okay but she says she is. She starts giving orders for traces, etc. Vince says 24 hours before a task force because of the possibility of an internal investigation.

Angela brings Jane food. Frankie says the previous shift is on the way. Angela gives him a tuna sandwich. Angela is also upset about Maura. Jane says they will find her. Angela leaves a ham and cheese sandwich for Vince.

ME says the blood is not Maura's as it is O+. Jane thinks Maura attacked her attacker to leave them a clue.

Maura is seen cuffed to a wall or something. She wakes up and stares at the cuffs. She cannot escape.

ME gives Frankie DNA results. No match in system, looking for white male, Middle European descent.

Operations manager says his guys wouldn't do it. Only missing officer is one in a wheelchair. 

Operations got a call a week ago from an 8th grader who wanted to know how 911 works for a report and asked for details needed to lure Maura.

Nina says the call came from a tower near where Maura was kidnapped. BPD number was spoofed and an app used to make the caller sound like a teenage girl.

Smudges at crime scene are asphalt. And there was lead paint on the scene, banned in 1975. Suggests Maura was taken to an abandoned government building that never replaced the paint.  Jane is going to look at prison records connected to Leanne Sampson, but ME thinks that is a stretch.

ME thinks Jane needs a nap. Jane is not interested. She walks into Maura's office and sits on the couch where she starts to look at files. A while later, she appears to have possibly found something. She puts the file down, gets up slowly and looks at Maura's work area, where she sees Suzie's ghost give her Maura's body tag. She wakes up and finds Angela, who tells her it's okay to take a nap and asks her if she's okay. Jane admits she is not okay.

Vince gives Frankie a bunch of files about buildings so he can find the right one. 

Nina finds a psychiatrist that worked with Leanne in prison. He is near the prison now.

Maura struggles to get up despite being chained to a pipe. She pushes the bed away and a rat scurries out. She uses her belt buckle to try to undo the chain. She gets away from the pipe but her hands are still cuffed in front of her. She starts pulling at things to try to escape. She finds something on a wheelchair she can use to remove the cuffs but someone is coming so she pretends to still be chained.

Angela is cooking and smoke alarm goes off. Something in the oven is burning. The phone rings. She tells someone that Maura was abducted.

Warden says the psychiatrist is not here right now. She thinks Harris was solid and she can't believe he had anything to do with this. She gives Jane permission to search Harris' office. Jane finds a phone, a piece of red ribbon and some balloons

Harris comes in and announces it's cold and he's going to give Maura a blanket. He uncuffs her then recuffs her behind a chair. He doesn't want money. He takes out a knife and says he can't believe she doesn't know what this is about. He cuts off her ponytail with his knife. He tells her to profile him and slaps her across the face for biting him. He takes photos of her.

Nina says she is trying to track Harris' recent movements through his cell company. She's hoping to narrow down where he is. She has put uniforms on common locations. No connection to Leanne. Jane has no idea why Harris is after her.

Harris says Maura is too photogenic. He doesn't want to hit her again. He wants her to be afraid and pleading for her life. He thinks the photo will bother her. He preferred stealing Maura to one of Jane's sisters. He plans to kill Maura to show Jane she is ineffective.

Jane is talking to herself about how she's not easy to be around because she has a high stress job. Worry is part of her carrying a badge. But she didn't think she was supposed to worry about them. The maintenance guy stares at her. He doesn't speak English.

ME sent paint chip to the lab, waiting on results. Vince asks if he needs something. He wants to know how he can help. He offers to help look through the list of buildings. He has a photographic memory so he can check the records. 

Nina says Harris has not gone further than the prison, but has been near a former mental hospital. He has no reason to be there. Jane and the team head out.

Harris is on the phone with someone while Maura is again chained to the pipe. He is worrying about his phone. He tells the person on the phone he would never tell them about them. He is talking about a tunnel. Maura is watching as he talks. He is sure they will never find him. He keeps apologizing and promising. He gets off his phone and stomps it. He tells Maura Jane cares a lot that he has her. Maura tries to convince him to leave her here and just leave but he chloroforms her anyway. Maura opens her eyes as soon as his back is turned.

SWAT team shows up at the abandoned hospital. They get to the room Maura was held in but it is empty. Vince is about to leave but Jane smells something. It is Maura's perfume.

They searched the whole building and Maura/Harris is not there. Jane wonders if he knew they were coming. Maybe someone at the prison helped. Vince sees Maura was chained to the radiator. Jane finds that Maura wrote TUN and realizes that they are in a tunnel.

Maura attacks Harris despite the cuffs. He is bleeding. He grabs a gun and runs after her.

Nina says Harris' car is in a nearby parking lot. Angela is there.

ME says the paint was not exposed to sunlight. The tunnel was never exposed to heat either. Angela says there was an accident there, a cave in of some tunnel. Nina doesn't have the proper blueprint. Angela says don't let it stop her. ME is sent to call the library for newspaper archives.

Jane et al keep searching.  Vince finds something. There is an entrance behind a bookshelf. He and Frankie push it out of the way. The entrance has a big condemned side on it.

Jane says there are two sets of tunnels. Southernmost collapsed. Frankie says he will take the southernmost tunnel by himself. Vince tells him to be careful. 

Frankie finds a bunch of rats. Jane and Vince find blood on the wall. The tunnel seems to be caving in around Frankie but he keeps going. Jane and Vince walk with guns drawn. They find Maura holding a weapon. She doesn't know where Harris is. Suddenly they hear shots. Vince takes Maura while Jane goes after Harris.

Jane finds Frankie in a pile of debris. He missed when shooting Harris. He says he's fine.

Jane goes after Harris by herself. She finds Harris on a fire escape. He tries to shoot her. He gets shot at a couple times and eventually collapses. Jane orders the uniform to call the EMTs. He dies without telling her who he is working for. 

Maura says she only has surface abrasions. She's going to the hospital. Jane tells her that Harris is dead. Maura tells her about the phone call. Jane says it doesn't matter because Maura is safe. Jane wants Maura guarded by uniforms. All she knows is someone out there is angry at her. Vince asks her if she wants to drive. He is laughing


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Rizzoli & Isles Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

You really think this was an inside job?


I bet he chose this location because there weren't any lookie-loos to give away that it was a fake crime scene.