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Someone is struggling to get up a cliff. Looks like a kid with blood on his face.and hands.  He begs. An adult (presumably) steps on his hands with large feet and knocks him off the cliff.

Jane shows off a leather jacket for Maura. Maura isn't too happy with it. Maura avoids another call from Arthur, who wants to see her before he leaves on Sunday. Jane takes her phone and tries to text him back accepting the invite but Maura won't let her. Maura doesn't know what to say to Arthur after all this time. The crime call of the week interrupts their conversation.

Jane tries to convince Maura to do something casual with Arthur.

Vince asks Jane if she's messing with Maura. She is.

The victim fell from the top of the hill. His name is Stuart Crane. He was a student. He had nothing but his ID on him.

Frankie says there are no witnesses and plenty of footprints. However he can see the victim tried to climb back up.

Maura says the fall is not random due to the wounds. Maybe someone hit the victim. Jane asks for CRSU to look for blood on the rocks on the top. Vince and Jane think the victim angered someone.

Frankie talks to Stuart's roommate. He says he didn't really know him -- he was a boring English major. Roommate has a black eye which he is proud of because it was from a hockey game.

Vince and Frankie find the victim had an expensive book on his desk.

Maura shows Jane the victim's broken fingers. Jane realizes it is from a person stepping on him with a boot.

Cause of death was two blows to the back of the skull. He was hit again after he fell off the cliff.

Nina and Frankie are sitting together when Jane comes in. Nina is counting. No email or apps but so far 32 texts from girlfriends. 

The gang looks at the text. Nina thinks some of the texts are sweet but Frankie doesn't. Conversations are normal and boring. He never met with any of these women in person. He used the cell only for this purpose, so maybe he has another one.

Nina finds a bunch of threatening texts from someone who believed Stuart was cheating on him with his wife.

They interview the man. He  is hostile and says "Donovan" (Stuart's code name/middle name) should talk to him directly. He's done so they threaten to take him downtown. However he has an alibi. The woman says Donovan isn't real. He was a virtual boyfriend through an app.

Nina is checking out the app for security flaws. She shows  Jane how to fill out the questionnaire -- it's a bunch of either/or questions. She fills it out and gets a virtual boyfriend named Winston.

Stuart's real phone is still missing.

Nina gets a naughty text from her virtual boyfriend.

Stuart's sister was close with her brother. He was working for the virtual app because he needed money for college. She joked with him about it. But he stopped enjoying it when he stopped getting paid. She told him that he was being strung along. He put up with abuse from clients because he needed the money. She asks if the app had anything to do with Stuart being killed.

Maura meets Arthur at the park. She declines his offer of an Espresso. He gives her some routine paperwork to be notarized. She takes the papers and tries to leave.

Arthur wants to talk. He says he made a mistake and the mother forgave him a long time ago. Why can't she? Maura says he acted like nothing ever happened. She was traumatized. If he understood he would have done something. He is surprised she never talked to her mother about it. He had no idea. She was in boarding school and he was out of the country and he figured things would get easier with time. He tells her that he regrets that she suffered so much, more than anything in his life.

Maura doesn't accept his apology and leaves.

Vince and Frankie go into the offices of the app. Frankie points out people use the app if they're gay and not out, want their mom to stop pestering them, etc.

Stuart's bosses say that everyone loved Stuart. The woman is not aware about the funding problems when Vince brings them up. The man offers the cops security footage. They also have his conversations saved on t heir servers.

Jane checks in with Maura. She doesn't feel any different after telling Arthur off. Jane tells her to lie to her to see if the problem has been resolved. Maura says she loves the new jacket. Jane tells her she was just wearing it to mess with her.

Vince wants to get some chocolates or flowers because apparently he had a fight with Kiki. Angela says just to apologize. The fight was because Kiki went to a wedding that Vince wasn't invited to. Vince wants to get Kiki a bottle of wine. Kiki shows up.

Angela leaves. Kiki critiques his food choices. She then apologizes for what happened. So does Vince. She thought he wanted to take things slower. She hasn't met any of his friends except Angela. Vince says he will have a get together tomorrow night and gives her a French fry as a peace offering.

Vince invites Jane, who  is eager to get out of Frankie's apartment as he is driving her nuts.

Nina and Frankie find that app clients have been burglarized quite frequently. No particular suspects but probably not Stuart because no one responder's clients got hit. Jane sets up a sting by texting "Winston" about expensive guitars. Frankie arrests the thief as he tries to break into his van.

The thief claims he never broke into any other vans, and that it's a coincidence that the van belonged to a client. Vince says they're waiting for a warrant to search his apartment. The guy admits he took advantage of client info. He thinks someone would have done it anyway. This lady was desperate. He asks for a lawyer when he finds out Stuart has been murdered.

Arthur meets Maura at the Dirty Robber. She gives him the papers. He apologizes again. He also invites her to a lecture given by a colleague this evening. He remembers they used to go to anthropology lectures together. Maura turns him down. She wishes him a safe trip. She puts her head in her hands as he leaves.

Angela asks if Maura enjoyed the lectures as a girl, then asks why she doesn't want to repair her relationship with her father. Maura says she accepted that they live separate lives for a long time.

Jane is surprised Angela gave such good advice to Maura. 

Nina found Stuart's real cell phone. Photos are uploading to his cloud storage. Photos of a trashy area. Maura recognizes a rare plant in the photos and knows where they were taken. She tries to give directions. Maura must help them hike since Jane doesn't understand her directions.

Nina says photos were uploaded two minutes ago. Jane goes to a skate park where a bunch of kids are playing. She asks for the kids' cell phones but the leader of the kids says without a warrant he doesn't have to and isn't intimidated  by her threat to arrest them all.

Nina gets a photo of one kid taking a selfie. One of the skateboarders tries to run away and Nina catches him.

Vince invites Frankie to his get together. He admits to Frankie he wants to keep Kiki around, but his track record says otherwise.

Kid claims he found the phone in the dirt and cracked the password by looking at fingerprints on the screen.

They seem to be at a dead end with the murder case. But Nina finds some texts from Heather Matthews, the wife of the jealous guy, on his personal phone. She was stalking him possibly. She also withdrew $2500 a week ago. Her social media accounts were closed.

Heather Matthews is discovered to have bought Stuart's personal info from the thief.

When the detectives get to  Heather's house, she has tied up her husband and is trying to set him and the house on fire.

Jane and Frankie burst in. Heather cries that her husband wants to leave her and everyone leaves her. Stuart didn't even appreciate the book. She followed him onto the trail and he told her to leave her alone. Jane tells her she knows she didn't want to hurt anyone. She throws the lighter at her husband. Vince catches it. Frankie arrests Heather.

Jane is wearing the leather jacket again. She says she got gasoline on her real jacket. 

Maura says her relationships with her family have influenced her but other people are just as important. She is grateful to Jane and her family for getting her out of the house. Jane drives her nuts making the fringe on her jacket move.

At the get together, Kiki tells a funny story then leaves to buy more drinks. Jane thinks she's fantastic. Maura cuts out. She rejects Jane's offer of the jacket. She goes and meets her father for the lecture. They banter about which dialects are best.

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Rizzoli & Isles Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Maura: I wouldn't know where to start.
Jane: Uh, how about, you cheated on my mom and made me lie about it and that sucks.

I don't know what it is you think I said, but I am fairly certain there's been a miscommunication.