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A security guard and a pothead are at the Pot Palace. The guard discovers a camera is out. Suddenly he sees a gun and there's a bunch of shots.

Maura looks exhausted as she writes in her journal and puts up some tea. She looks over her shoulder when she hears a noise. She finds Jane asleep on the couch. Jane says she was just stopping by. Maura doesn't want her checking in on her. She thinks Jane should see someone. Her therapist is really helping her. They both freak out when the tea kettle goes off.

Maura and Jane go to the Pot Palace. Vince offers them pot brownies.

Jane wonders if it's a robbery gone wrong. Vince wonders if Maura should be working.

The robbery is connected to the broken security camera. No idea how the camera was messed with. Both guard and owner miraculously survived being shot. Money wasn't taken. There is a pot brownie in the blood. Maybe the accomplice took it to calm his nerves.

Nina is still trying to find a link between Harris and Jane. She is tracing the hacker who broke into Jane's bank accounts. But he is all over the country. She also found out who the dead robber is. He was a marijuana dealer and thief. He always gets caught. City traffic cameras didn't catch anything either. Frankie will get a warrant for his apartment.

Kent is fixing the exhaust in the ceiling. Maura found a laser point in the robber's pocket. It was used to "blind" the camera. Kent almost falls.

No prints or bullets from White's gun. More than likely the pot brownie belonged to shop owner Otis.

Maura thinks they should go to l unch. Jane says she has to interview a witness.

Jane goes to see Dr. Kaplan in the park. He tries to convince her to meet in his office sometime. He tells her he read about what happened to Maura. Jane says it's hard to see a strong woman be crippled by fear and anxiety. He asks her to talk about herself. She claims she's fine.

Nina talks to Professor Gray, a well known hacker. He is not really paying attention to her. She wants his help finding the hacker. He thinks the hacker will be hard to find because he's good. He can find the hacker's signature.

Vince talks to the security guard who is n a lot of pain. Vince gives him the photo of White. Guard can't believe he let the guys walk right in. Otis' wife comes in and thanks the guard for saving her husband's life. He is still in a coma. Vince interviews her. Shes seen nothing strange, no problems with employees. He didn't owe anyone money. She's never seen White.

Martinez is back. He hugs Jane. She stammers her way through asking what's up. Martinez says the DEA is handling some robberies of medical marijuana stores and this crime sounds like the same MO. Do they want to work on his operation?

Vince goes undercover.

Martinez asks how Jane is. She says she is tired. She has been sleeping on Maura's couch. Martinez suggests surveillance cameras but Jane thinks the hacker could steal the signal. Martinez thinks Jane should see someone. He saw a therapist after a similar incident. Jane is having dreams where she is chasing a killer but can't see his face and can't quite catch him. She can't let go because her family is in danger.

Masked men try to rob Vince's store but he pulls a gun and tells them to drop their weapon.

Robbers are told his partner is dead. One of them claims he found the gun and didn't want a kid to pick it up. He's a thief, not a killer.

Other robber claims he they were in Brockton in the Motel 24 and having pizza with two girls.

Jane is asleep at her desk when Vince comes in. He asks if she's okay. She says she just needs to sleep.

Frankie thinks he should be the one to take Angela home. Vince thinks Jane is working too hard.

Vince says the two robbers' alibi checks out. Pot Palace wasn't them.

Martinez left a package for Jane at the front desk.

Angela comes home to find Jane looking at wireless cameras given to her by Martinez. Angela asks if this means Jane can start sleeping, or will she be watching them all night long?

Jane won't back down because her family is in danger and she is in charge of protecting them.

Vince brings Maura product from Pot Palace. She wants to check the consistency. The brownie she tested had too much THC. So she has to test these samples.

Jane is looking at surveillance photos on her phone but stops when Vince comes in. He thinks maybe the Pot Palace robbery is a copycat. But White is an idiot so how did he know how to do that with the laser pointer? She gets a weird call from Maura. Maura and Kent are very high. The fan was wired wrong and pushed the smoke in.

Jane wants to know about the tests but Maura is stoned. But she thinks some of the brownies didn't come from government supplier.

Vince asks how the 420 gang is doing. Anyway the records show they are baking illegal marijuana they get off the streets. Robbery might have been staged if he stiffed someone on the street. 

Martinez and Jane come to a pot distributor. He complains they are taking his weed. Jane doesn't care about that. She wants to know what was going on with Otis. Martinez accuses him of having Otis killed. He says if someone stiffed him he'd just stop selling to them. Anyway, Otis was a solid customer. He hasn't seen him for 15 years. But then five months ago he called him about doing business again but didn't want to meet face to face.

Jane brings Maura donuts and some more sample marijuana. Maura has a speech about her safety with marijuana. But she is worried about Kent. Also Maura doesn't want security cameras and she wants Jane to stop watching her. She shows Jane something her therapist showed her. Rocks (bad things) fill a glass but she can put water (good stuff) in it and that's what they should focus on.

Jane rants to Vince. He says Maura and Angela don't think like cops. He offers to give Angela a ride home tonight.

Nina says Otis could have net $250k with his illegal pot. But legit  brownie sales were down. But why would he do that when he was making a lot of money? Jane thinks it's possible someone else was pretending to be Otis to get the pot. Maybe that's why someone tried to kill Otis.

Frankie thinks they should check Christine out as well as employees. They find she has an account with a safe deposit box under her maiden name. Also she had $240,000.

Frankie wonders why Christine would steal from her husband. SInce the business was all cash, Vince reasons she would not get alimony in a divorce. Jane thinks maybe Christine was having an affair, but Vince says there's no evidence of that. Christine is brought in.

Christine claims she would never hurt Otis even if she didn't love him anymore. She didn't want part of the store. She was stealing from him so she could get away from him.

Jane is on the phone when Martinez came in. The other robbers were tied to the other robberies but not Pot Palace. Jane gives him back the cameras. He tells her to call if she is up in the middle of the night.

Nina says Christine was having an affair with the security guard, who went to the same gym as White.

Vince comes to see Maura and get test results. She is surprised Jane isn't there. Gun residue matches Teddy White's weapon. Looks like Collins shot himself and made himself look like a hero. Maura says no evidence. Vince wants to know whether Christine knew Collins would shoot Otis.

Jane talks to Christine who claims that they are blaming Jeff because they can't solve the case. Jane shows her the photo of Collins with White. She tells Christine to call Jeff and tell him that Otis will make a full recovery.

Jeff has his sites on Otis' window. Jane and Vince tell him to drop his weapon. He can't believe he was set up. He puts the gun down and puts his hands up. He tries to jump but Jane tases him. 

Jane meets Kaplan. He walks away. She tells him she's afraid. He comes back. 

Jane apologizes for taking Maura's rocks. She gave them to Vince. Maura apologizes for playing psychiatrist. Jane says she's afraid she can't catch the guy. 

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