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-Andy returns from her three month suspension to face a tribunal. She hasn't seen Sam in those months because she was told not to and he's hurt that she chose playing by the rules over him.

-A drunken Henry McLeod causes a car accident that involves four cars including a work van and Sam and Andy. Andy spots a teenage girl hiding in the back of a van but the girl takes off when Andy goes to get help.

-Henry had been following the van. The girl is Alice, his granddaughter who was abducted from a fair seven years ago.

-Alice had been held captive by John, the neighbor of the van driver. When John tries to make a run for it, Oliver and new rookie Collins corner him on a pier. Gail grabs the girl but John jumps 40 feet into the water below. Collins follows.

-John is caught and Alice is returned to her grandfather.

-Gail reveals that she and Collins nearly got married in Vegas and she's very unhappy he's now working at the 15th.

-Chris and Noelle are picked to star on a PR poster for the 15th.  Chris is thrilled but Noelle isn't.

-Andy is reinstated. She apologizes to Sam for her absence and they decide to start over.

Rookie Blue
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