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Ted McDonald is brought into custody. Sam realizes that he is targeting the children of the people he believes to be corrupt, including the Judge on the case and the Police Commissioner.

Dov breaks up with Chloe when he finds out she erased her body camera recording because Wes kissed her.

Steve tells Traci he misses her but she doesn't respond.

Gail plans to adopt orphaned Sophie. She tells Holli who is disappointed. She was going to ask Gail to follow her to San Francisco for a new job. 

Nick finds the "toothbrush girl" and asks her out but she bolts when she realizes that he's a cop. 

Marlo asks Andy to head to the evidence room to pick up a harddrive when an explosion occurs there. Sam is relieved to find Andy unharmed. When he gets back to interrogation he finds Ted McDonald dead. It appears he slit his wrists with a razor blade. 

Dov finds a picture of a sonogram amongst Marlo's things. 

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

There's a cop in here too. Stranded. Trapped inside a Staff Sergeant's uniform.


Traci: I can't imagine being too sane after I'd watched my son blow up.
Steve: You wouldn't turn into that.