Andy deasl with a dysfunctional family while trying to figure out whether to stay with Sam. Watch Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 2 Online here at TV Fanatic.

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Andy and Traci investigate a missing 16-year-old girl, Hayley Hill who walked to the convenience store for milk and never came back. It turns out she ran away from her controlling and abusive father but the psychological abuse may not be enough to have him arrested and Hayley and her brother removed from the home unless Mom comes forward. When Mom considers going back, Hayley begs her not to and then begins to have a seizrue. Turns out her little brother poisoned her the same way their Dad poisoned their dog in order to teach it a lesson and send it to a better place. The paramedics manage to save Hayley while social services take her little brother away and Andy convinces the mom to step up and lead her family. Later, Andy tells Sam that although she’s disappointed that she isn’t the woman having his child, that this child will always feel loved and wanted by her and that she’s determined to figure this out. Meanwhile, Dov and Marlo realize that the connection to the evidence room explosion comes from within the police department itself.
Watch Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 2 Online here at TV Fanatic.

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On Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 2, Andy considers walking away from Sam while Dov and Marlo uncover a shocking connection to the Evidence Room bombing.

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Rookie Blue
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